Posted: October 29, 2015

H&S MEMOThe Home & School is very excited to be having a Halloween dance Friday from 12:30 - 1:30. Students can bring their costumes to school and will be able to put them on before the dance begins. There will be a prize for best costume in each class.Beginning next month we will begin collecting loose change in each class again. If you are able, we ask you to send in any loose change that may be laying around. The proceeds go to fund two scholarships to two former Ian Baillie students that will graduating in the 2016 year from James M. Hill. The top class who brings in the most change each month will earn the rights to have the “Penny Trophy” in their classroom along with a popsicle treat. The winning class will be announced at the end of the month assembly. Change will be due 3 days before the assembly.Also coming home in the next few days will be November’s Hot Lunch menu. Added to this month’s menu is Pita Pit, so with the menu will be a separate form to fill out where your child can choose from whats available. Apple or orange juice also comes with the order so be sure to check off which drink your child would prefer. Please send in this form with your hot lunch menu or as soon as possible. Thanks for yourcooperation.