Posted: November 13, 2015

MEMO HOME Dear Parents/Guardians:It has been brought to my attention that parents are using the Ian Baillie Home & School Facebook page to notify teachers of transportation/pick up changes.  Please be advised that although we do support technology, we cannot see or respond via Facebook during work hours.  If you do have a message to notify us to regards to a change in transportation or pick-up please leave a message on our voicemail, e-mail or simply write us a note. Thank you,Paula Haché

Posted: November 9, 2015

Remembrance Day Dear Parents/Guardians:Just a friendly reminder that the Remembrance Day Ceremony is tomorrow, November 10th, at 10:00am.  Family members and guests are welcome to attend this event.

Posted: November 4, 2015

 CHOIR MEMO Dear Parents/Guardians:• The Choir will be wearing men dress shirts purchased by the Home & School.  The girls will wear red and the boys black with black and red ties.  They will remain at school and used only during performances.  We ask that your child wear black pants.  Black leggings only if there is a black skirt to go over it. • The Picnic snack will no longer be available until spring.  However, kids may purchase an apple or banana for $0.25.  We will provide the picnic in the spring. • Our Remembrance Day Ceremony will be Tuesday, November 10th at 10:00am in the gym. 

Posted: October 29, 2015

H&S MEMOThe Home & School is very excited to be having a Halloween dance Friday from 12:30 - 1:30. Students can bring their costumes to school and will be able to put them on before the dance begins. There will be a prize for best costume in each class.Beginning next month we will begin collecting loose change in each class again. If you are able, we ask you to send in any loose change that may be laying around. The proceeds go to fund two scholarships to two former Ian Baillie students that will graduating in the 2016 year from James M. Hill.

Posted: October 29, 2015

SURVEYParents and guardians are invited to complete an online survey on child care in New Brunswick as part of the public consultation being conducted by the Child Care Sector Task Force. The survey is available at : The survey will remain online until Nov.

Posted: October 22, 2015

Sistema AnnouncementDear Parents/Guardians:Friendly Reminder – tomorrow our school will be going to St. Andrew’s Elementary for the Sistema Announcement.Our Choir will be singing. Please make every effort to wear black and white.  It begins at 10:00amThanks Paula HachéHave a great day!

Posted: October 16, 2015

The choir has two new songs to practice!!!  I have attached the links to help you sing along and the children will be taking their choir books home with them! ☺ I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing There Be Peace on Earth

Posted: October 15, 2015

 PICTURE RETAKES Dear Parents/Guardians:• Sunday, October, 18th  at 6:30pm, there will be a Home & School meeting at the school in the library.  New members are welcomed!• School picture retakes will be held on Wednesday, October 28th starting at 8:40am.

Posted: October 6, 2015

Registration Time Registration for children entering Kindergarten in September 2016 will be held from October 13th-16th at your community school. Parents are reminded that Kindergarten attendance in 2016-2017 is compulsory for children born in 2011, except if a child is born between September 1st and December 31st of that year. These children have the option of starting Kindergarten the following year. If you have a child entering Kindergarten next year, visit the main office between 8:30 am-3:00 pm to have him or her registered.

Posted: October 4, 2015

Oct Memo's The October Calendar was sent home with students today along with hot lunch memo's and a call for volunteers for both our hot lunch and breakfast programs. 


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