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Posted: April 1, 2010

After Stanley Lambchop is flattened by a bulletin board, he is able to travel through the mail in an envelope and visit his friends.  He has now come to visit students at Ian Baillie!  Take pictures and write stories so that we can record some of your adventures with flat Stanley in a journal or scrapbook.  Remember Flat Stanley is only visiting!  He has to return home in 2 weeks!   We will be mailing the Flat Stanley’s back home to Calgary soon.Please return Flat Stanley along with his “travel papers” so we can all share in his adventures before he leaves on April 16th!  (Please remember to include a small thank you letter to the Calgary student who sent you the Flat Stanley!)  Parents are welcome to help with this project and make Stanley feel welcome during his visit on the Miramichi.

Posted: November 30, 2009

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The students a CJP have sent us photos with some neat facts about the students in Miss Choi's class.  We have some questions for them!  The students at IBP decided to send a quick video so that you know your questions are on the way!  

Posted: November 18, 2009

Mr. McCallum's grade two class in Miramichi New Brunswick will be working with Miss Choi's grade 1-2 class in Calgary Alberta.  We hope to share some idea's and make some new friends.  Check out information about their school at


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Added: Mon, Nov 30 2009