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Posted: December 9, 2013

Hello everyone,    Today was a busy day! We were up at James M. Hill this morning to practice for our Christmas Concert which will be on Wednesday December 11th. The children were awesome! This afternoon we had Language Arts where we went over our spelling words for this week and got a chance to study them with a friend. We also went over our persuasive letters and found out we were writing to the wrong person! OOPS! We revised our letters and the children are anxious to get the letters mailed because they really want a response! Have a good night boys and girls! I will see you in the morning! Ms. G The following are the list words for this week: anyone                                   everything are                                         hidden can’t                                       our don’t                                       right everybody                               terrible            

Posted: December 6, 2013

Hi everyone! I can not believe it is Friday already! This week in Language Arts we have learning how to write persuasive letter. Do you remember what persuasive means boys and girls? Today we wrote our spelling test and our bonus word was December. Ms. Gallant took it off the calendar so the boys and girls couldn't peek! (She is so sneeky!) After that we finished up our good copy of our persuasive letters and began writing a friendly letter.  Who did we write those to grade 3? This week in Health we continued to discuss the importance of oral hygiene. We looked at the results of our eggsperiment to see what the best liquid was for our teeth. Can you tell your parents what we found out? What happened to the egg with the cavity? The class would love to have an elf on the classroom shelf as many of the other classrooms have them. Maybe Santa is just a little late getting to us or maybe we are just so good that we do not need an elf to come and spy on us!! Who knows? I hope you all have a great week end boys and girls! See you all on Monday!!

Posted: December 2, 2013

Hi everyone! We had a great day today! Both grade three classes met for Language Arts this morning and they were such great listeners! I am so proud of their great behavior! Everyone was really keen on starting their persuasive letters to Mrs. McCarthy. The class has been reading The Secret of Nimh since September and they really think they should be allowed the opportunity to watch the movie so that they can compare the two. We discussed what would be some good reasons why we should be allowed to watch the movie and then the children went to work. Some of us got a great start! we will be continuing this letter tomorrow and hopefully will begin our good copy as well! The children are also doing a little eggsperiment for health class. We put egg shells in different liquids to see what would happen to them. The egg shells are supposed to represent teeth! Tune in tomorrow kids to see the results! Below are the list words for this week. Ask your child which are the contractions and which are the compound words! anyonearecan'tdon'teverybodyeverything 

Posted: November 25, 2013

This weeks spelling list words are:      beautiful                                        before                                              there (location) discover                                            they’re (they are) enough                                              their (ownership) first                                                  mail hopeless                                            name journal let’s recycle went when how rain skate float Today in Language Arts we practiced the  correct use of the homonyms there, they're and their. They're tricky! Do you remember how to use them all correctly in a sentence? There are clues in brackets by each of them in your spelling list here on the website. It was really cold outside today so we stayed in for both recesses! It was really nice because many of us were playing board games, cards, or making a craft! This afternoon in Health we discussed oral hygiene! What does that mean? Can you tell your parents boys and girls? We  learned a nifty song in Social Studies that will help us remmeber our provinces. We know the 3 territories for sure! Northwest, Nunavut, and Yukon! The boys and girls sure do love saying Nunavut! Get lots of rest tonight and I will see you in the morning!             

Posted: November 14, 2013

     We have been reading the novel Secret of Nimh, if you can believe it, since the beginning of the year. It is a pretty long book and we do not read every day so, I guess that is why we are still not finished. Don't be mistaken, we are really enjoying it and today we saw some really cool videos about the characters in the book. Below you will find a link to check out these cool videos. The students really want to show you the neat things these amazing mammals can do! 3G is reading the chapter called The Maze. Do you remember who was in the maze?(Nicodemus) What was happening to him? 3M is almost finished the book we had a great whole group discussion today about the book, the characters, and the problems they have faced throughout the novel. I think it is safe to say that both classes will be sad to see it end! Today in Social Studies we continued to look at maps. What is the name of the type of map we looked at today? (Grid map) What makes it different from other maps we have looked at? We finished our afternoon with our class going down to the computer lab with Mr. McCallum. What are you guys up to down there?? Mr. McCallum is a pretty talented guy especially when it comes to technology! I bet he is teaching you some pretty cool tricks! Don't forget to dress warm boys and girls as the weather is changing fast! So be sure to bring your hat, mittens, and ski pants each day to school! Have a great evening boys, girls, and families!! Here is the links to the videos we watched today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma8HCM3Z5Ichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Posted: November 13, 2013

Today in Language Arts we discussed cutting it out to clear it up! What does that mean boys and girls? We also had a round of read to self while Ms. Gallant worked with students. We have been building our stamina for the last two months and today both class read for 20 minutes!!!! Well done class!!! In Social Studies we reviewed our mapping skills. Do you remember what the key and scale are used for on a map boys and girls? I heard in Math class the children had a spelling test? Wow! Check out Mr. McCallum's page to see what else is going on in Math! During Art class today we learn about a world famous artist. Do you remember his name? (Vincent van Gogh) We wathced a mini biography on him and then looked at many of his paintings before we began to draw our own masterpieces! Which of the artist's paintings did we decide to recreate? (Starry Night) Stay tunned for some great art work! Many of us are bringing in items for the food bank! What a great way to help out our community!! Thanks! There were two notices that went home today. I know some of the children were very excited that Ian Baillie is going to have a book fair. Please check your child's agenda each night for notices that go home so you are always up to date on activites and events taking place at school! Have a great night B & G's!!!

Posted: November 12, 2013

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a nice week end. Ms. Gallant had to keep reminding herself that today was Tuesday! Did anyone else have that problem? This morning the children got right down to work with their new spelling words. You will find the list below. Has anyone tried out the Spelling City web site? There are many different ways to study your list words on this site! We are still working on finding a good idea and sticking to that idea in writing. Children, do you remember what it means to "write small"? (It does mean to print tiny!) Good writers "write small to make their writing easier to handle. Orange duo-tangs and borrowed books went home today and they are only to be returned on Friday. Don't forget to log the books you read each night! Have a good sleep tonight and I will see you in the morning.   Spelling words for this week are:beautiful beforediscoverenoughfirsthopelessjournallet'srecyclewent

Posted: November 7, 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome to room 4 news! We are finishing up all of our Remembrance week activities here with our ceremony tomorrow. We had a lot of complements today at our rehearsal. The boys and girls have been practicing almost every day and it shows!!  Well done kids!! The ceremony will be tomorrow at 10:30. We hope to see you there. Also, we will be going to Mount St. Joseph to see the seniors and sing our song and recite In Flander's Fields. Make sure you get lots of rest tonight boys and girls so we will be in tip top shape tomorrow as we have a busy day!

Posted: November 5, 2013

Hello folks! We had a great day today in room 4! Here is a bit of what went on. This morning we paired up and found a quiet spot in the class to study our spelling words. It was fairly quiet during this time so I think we should try it again tomorrow. The Haiku poems have now been printed on our poppy paper and once the color is added should look fabulous! Check out Mr. McCallum's web page for the marvelous math he is teaching. This afternoon Mr. Cormier was in teaching  the children about different feelings  we have, which many of you talked about in your Book of Gratitude. Our Legion contest posters are almost finished. Boy do they ever take a lot of work! I was happy to see many of you coloring in all your white spots!! It is our hope that they will be completed by tomorrow otherwise we may have to send them home to finished as we have many more things we need to do this week! Skating permission slips went home today to be signed and returned as soon as possible please. Have a good night and get a good night's sleep!

Posted: November 4, 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome to our class page!! We are very busy this week getting ready for our Remembrance Day ceremony and activites!! We have been practicing our "Remember Flander's Fields" song as well as "In Flander's Fields" poem for weeks now and we sound terrrific! Do you remember who wrote the poem "In Flander's Fields"? How about when it was written? We also finally began our posters for the Legion contest and in Language Arts we wrote Haiku poems inspired by Remembrance Day. They were really good! Ms. Gallant was really impressed!!! A Haiku does not rhyme. What do you remember about them?  Here are the spelling words for this week:     beautiful     before      discover     enough     first     The link below will take you to a cool web site calles SpellingCity.  Here you can practice your spelling words and also play some fun games with your words. I will also add it to a web link where you can use it everyweek to help you study your words in a new fun way!! Have a great night boys and girls!!! http://www.spellingcity.com/

Posted: December 12, 2012

Hello to all! The children have been learning about reindeer for the past two weeks. They have come to know that reindeer are not only for flying Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve! We first watched a few videos on the remarkable animal.  Did you know that reindeer are also known as caribou! So that means that Rudolph could also be know as Rudolph the red nosed caribou! We had a great laugh at that! Ask your children what they have learned about reindeer; what they like to eat, where the live, or what their babies are called. Here are some pictures of the reindeer themed activites we have been doing in our class! There is also a web link to a video on National Geographic for Kids if you would like to watch it with your child. http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/animals/creaturefeature/caribou/ Our classroom doorparts of a reindeer

Posted: September 27, 2012

Agenda note:Read 10 minutesSpelling test tomorrowBooks and green duo-tangs returnedDon't forget to wear blue for bullying prevention! We are almost finished reading our Cabin Creek Mystery novel. The children seem to be really enjoying it! You could ask them to tell you about the Silver Spur Bandit. Read to Someone was introduced today during Language Arts. The boys and girls read for 15 minutes to each other and I am sure they could have gone a little longer but it was time for recess! Way to go class! We have finished our patterns unit and will be having a test tomorrow. The children and I feel that they are now "pro's at patterns", so everyone should do great! After our test it will be a busy day as we have an assembly for bullying prevention month (October), and our monthly assembly, followed by our Terry Fox walk around the track! I hope everyone has a great sleep tonight because we need to ready to go for our jam packed day tomorrow!! 

Posted: September 25, 2012

There were a few notices that were sent home today in your child's agenda from the home and school and the hot lunch program. Pictures were also sent home today.  I hope you all have a great evening.  

Posted: September 25, 2012

                                                          Agenda Sept. 25

Posted: September 21, 2012

                                        The children wrote there letters today to Mr. Urquhart to thank him for the smile cookies. They did a lovely job.  This afternoon the children continued our painting of a panda. They are quite the artists! Don't forget to bring your smile on Monday as it is picture day! Also, just a gentle reminder that our green home link duo tangs are due back on Friday as well as the books that the children bring home to read all week. Please keep these two items at home until Friday. I hope everyone has a terrific week end!