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Posted: November 29, 2011

Mr. McCallum's Calgary Project

Posted: April 6, 2011

  The internet was out for a little bit at Ian Baillie for the last two days, so I guess yesterday's post didn't go up.  Sorry!  Oh well, the dissappointment is over.  Today we read another "day" in our chapter book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".  Do you remember when it is a good time for Greg to get his father upset, and when its a BAD time for Greg to get his father upset?  I love how some of the writing in our class is starting to have stick people with speech bubbles, just like our chapter book.  In Math we worked on drawing lines using a ruler (dont forget to start at the zero line), we talked about ordering, and reviewed the names of the months.  In both writing classes students worked on the steps of our "How to " stories.  We have lots of work to get done tomorrow, so get lots of sleep!  -Mr. McCallum

Posted: April 4, 2011

Our first day back after a long weekend went very well.  We read another day in our chapter book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".  In Language Arts Mrs. Hache worked on procedural writing and did another round of the daily five.  Mrs. Hache will be working in the office for Mrs. McCarthy for the next few days, and Miss Gallant will be working in her room!   In math we continued to work on measurement.  We used snap cube units to measure items in our classroom.  Are snap cubes a standard, or non-standard unit of measurement?  In art today we started working on the year book covers.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!  

Posted: March 29, 2011

Today was the second day we switched classes.  Mrs. Hache will be teaching language arts to both grade 2 classes until the end of the year, and Mr. McCallum will be teaching them math.  In math we talked about "units" (things that are all the same) "standard" (things that most people in the world know and use) and standard and non-standard types of measurement. Report cards went home today.  There is no school on Thursday or Friday this week, the book fair will close Thursday night at 7:30.  Get lots of sleep for our assembly tomorrow and the last school day of the week.  See you in the morning!

Posted: March 23, 2011

What a good day today.  We didnt even have a strike on the board when I looked at the end of the day.  We read another chapter in Robin Hood, and meet a new character who was not Little at all!  Do you remember who he was?  In writing we wrote about how to use Floride.  We used all 3 parts of the the How to Story (Introduction, Body, & Closing).  In gym we started to learn a square dance!  We still need lots of work.  There will be a spelling test on Friday, and show and tell on Friday (the sheets are found at:,sites/  I posted the words earlier this week.  Miss Gallant will be in for me tomorrow!  Best behavior and get lots of sleep! 

Posted: March 23, 2011

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Posted: March 22, 2011

We started the day with Fast For Word (our last week).  After Recess we did some writing, introduced "closing" as part of a "how to story".  The closing has 3 parts, 1)exit out 2) Opinion 3) Question.  Can you remember the names of the 3 parts of a story? (Remember we dont say beginning, middle, and end in grade 2.)  At lunch time floor hockey Nunavut beat out Saskatchewan because Sask. didn't have enough players.  After Lunch Mr. Lange came in, he found our class a bit "wild" today.  Before we went to gym we took our folders and agenda's and packed up our spelling tests.  We ended up getting 2 full strikes because it took so long for the class to get it done and listen to the teacher!   We ended up missing most of gym class, before ending the day with Mrs. MacIssac to do writing.  Luckily, when I was late coming back from gym and found the entire class sitting properly and quietly in their seats waiting for me!  How could I not erase a strike?  Stay tuned for our next morning letter, and remember taht tomorrow is a new day.  Make sure you get lots of sleep tonight and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: March 21, 2011

Today was the first day of spring.  We did a morning letter today for the first time in a long time, I will be checking my mail basket tomorrow for more news from our class.  We worked on the parts of a "How to" story.  Do you remember the topic we have been working on?  We  are in our last week of Fast For Word.  In phys.ed we worked with hula hoops, and Mr. Lange did a french module today.  In art we worked on some folding, which we will try and re-visit again this week.  I forgot to send home the spelling sheet, but the list is below.  Get to bed early and get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning!   are                                  what                                        am                                  ten       they                                pen     when                               Ben    ask                                 men     

Posted: March 21, 2011

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We will be trying to get out a new morning letter at least 3 times each week.  Here is our first!  Enjoy.

Posted: March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks day!  In Math today we quickly reviewed the parts of saying the date from a calendar, and the order that goes it most often.  If it has an order that most people in the world use ... what would we call that in math? (Standard form).  In writing we talked about how math has special words and so does writing.  So instead of beginning, middle, and end, we use introduction, body, and closing.  We also went over a new way to help us with our hooks (or introduction).   We use a question, opinion, and lead in!  We also started our stories for tomorrow, guess why I might not be looking forward to writing tomorrow!  Dont forget we have a spelling test first thing in the morning!  The words were posted earlier this week.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!



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