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Posted: October 4, 2015

Burger King - Plain Hamburger (Condiments on the side)

Posted: October 4, 2015

Pizza Delight - Hamburger & Cheese Pizza $2.00

Posted: October 4, 2015


Sun, Oct 11/15 9:00 pm

Posted: October 4, 2015


Thu, Oct 8/15 9:00 pm

Posted: October 4, 2015


Wed, Oct 7/15 9:00 pm

Posted: October 2, 2015

Im Ready for my Close Up by Caleb I cant believe how fast this week went!  Todays spelling word was "apple" and the introduction for a story called "How to eat an apple".  Miss Tucker was in for Mrs. Hill today.  In language arts we worked on spelling, daily 5, and played some sight word BINGO!  I hope you won!  After recess we had Make Something that Does Something.  Today we tried to build a structure that was taller than a marker that could hold up books without collapsing.  We only had a small amount of masking tape and some sheets of paper to work with.  How well did your structure do?  Who was on your team?  After lunch we had an assembly.  Congratulation to all of the winners including the few from our class.  Do you remember who won?  (hint: Icare PC; Good Listener AK, TD, LM; The Hard Worker CK ZS).  After the assembly Mrs. Hache had a quick PE class with us.  We came back upstairs, filled out our agenda, packed our book bags (including the proofs from picture day), and came back in for our weekly Math Draw.  Each morning the students can fill out a math sheet.  If they get it all correct they can enter it as a ballot for our draw.  This week's winner chose the prize "Star in the Morning Annoucements with a Friend".  I think thats a pretty cool prize!  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Posted: October 1, 2015

Just Smiling in the Rain by Chloe Today was an unplanned absence on my part.  We started off the day with Miss Mcfarlene covering for me and looking after the class until a substitute teacher could be found.  I received a text from her saying "the students are rearranging your room", to which I replied "as long as they dont touch my collectable action figures".  Mrs Mcfarlene guarded them with her life until Miss Case could arrive.  Our spelling word of the day was "slipper" and we doodled a snake. We did our regular math class.   She reviewed even and odd numbers.  Which digit tells us if a number is even or odd.  Is a digit different from a number?  How?  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We worked on daily 5 activities.  Two words that come up alot in daily 5 are "independant" and "stamina".  Do you know what these two words mean?  After lunch we had library.  We had just enough time to return our books, get new books, and put them back in the classroom before PE with Mrs. Hache.  I wasn't here today so Im not sure what fun games you played, do you remember?  After PE we came back up to the classroom with Miss Case and wrote in our book of gratitude.  What did you say for "how to be a good friend"?   I will be here tomorrow!   Im very excited for Make Something That Does Something and for the Assembly!   Everyone is welcome to attend the assembly and celebrate the month with us.  There are a few awards that will be handed out tomorrow, I know some people will be dissappointed that they didn't win something, but I hope you show excitement for the winners more than dissappointment for yourself (and I know sometimes thats hard).  Its only the first month and theres lots of time in the year to work hard and earn an award.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you bright and early.    

Posted: September 30, 2015

Indoor Lunch by Cannon It was a very rainy Wednesday today.  I was very happy to see most of the students finished setting up their page for our opening activities and did the math sheet of the day.  Our spelling word today was "microwave".  How many syllables is "microwave"?  Our introduction was for a story called "How to Use a Microwave". Can you do 3 sentences for an introduction?  We did a quick doodle of a skull and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We went over the expectations for daily 5, did some reading, and played a contraction game.  LA was cut a little short so that we could get our pictures taken.  I was glad we got to get our pictures done before we ate our recess snacks!  After recess we had math.  We looked at even and odd numbers.  Remember its the last digit in the number that we need to look at!  We worked with some pattern rules and did some single digit addition.  After lunch we went to the computer lab.  We worked with paint and learned how to make a rainbow.  We got our class picture done in the gym in the afternoon and finished off the day with some PE.  Mrs. Hache had a game of ant tag and everyone is it.  I asked all the students to sign their own agenda's with a happy face, and we packed up and called it a day.  Its supposed to be rainy again tomorrow so get lots of sleep and dress for the weather.  Have a great night and I will see you bright an early. 

Posted: September 29, 2015

Playground Pals by Zander It was a very busy day today!  We set up our page, did our agenda, and learned how to do our math entry sheet for a weekly draw!  Can you think of two different ways to show the number 17 for tomorrow?  Can you draw it with base ten blocks, write it as a word, or put it in a place value chart?  If you can't, dont worry, you will be able to very soon!  Our spelling word today was "watermelon" and our introduction was for "How to grow a watermelon".  We were just about to start our doodle when Mrs. Hache came over the intercom and told us we were having a lockdown drill.  Were you scared?  Everyone did a great job, but I forgot to switch my phone to silent.  When Mrs. Hache texted for my head count it made a loud noise.  Thats why we practice!  I'll be better next time.  After the lock down we doodled a cat and started math. In math we reviewed place value chart and I showed you my quick way to draw base ten blocks.  Can you draw 43 using base ten blocks?  How about 243?  (remember a square for 100, a line for 10, and a period for 1).  Before we could do any work with the blocks we had to play with them and build things!  I think we will be ready to make some patterns with them tomorrow!  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.   After lunch we had guidance with Mrs. Mackenzie.  She talked about the brain.  Do you remember any of the names of parts of the brain or what they do?  After guidance we had PE.  We must be working on our stamina for running.  Did you pace yourself well?  We finished up the day by grading some student work together, and then we went outside to help Mrs. Hache move some boards from the fall fair.  We didnt get to do our book of gratitude writing today, but I think a good deed is maybe more important.  I think its supposed to rain tomorrow, so get lots of sleep and dress warm.  Remember that tomorrow is picture day here at IBP!  Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

Posted: September 28, 2015

Flower Power by Sophie What a wonderful Monday!  Students came in and went right to work.  Agenda's out and pages set up!  Our spelling word was "caterpillar" and our introduction was for a story called "How to find a caterpillar".  We doodled a wolf, filed our sheets in our books, and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  Mrs. Hill read from tales of a fourth grade nothing.  Who are the characters in that book?  Then Mrs. Hill worked with some reading groups while other students wrote about their weekends and did a read to self session.  After recess we had math.  We talked about pattern rules and place value.  What is the difference between a digit and a number?  Which one has value?  Would you rather have 5 pennies or 1 bill?  Why?  After lunch we went to the computer lab.  We all logged in and did some work with paint!  Do you remember how many tabs paint has?  In PE Mrs. Hache introduced two new games!  "Rivers and Bridges" along with another game called "Everyone is it".  Which game did you like best?  We finished off the day writing in our book of gratitude, signing our agenda's, and packing our bookbags.  Please check the front pocket of the agenda for today's memo, or the front page of our school webpage.  Remember that Wednesday is picture day!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!


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