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Posted: October 21, 2015

Friends by Damien I almost missed my post today!  Sorry for the late entry!  We started off the day with a sharing circle.  We took time to ask how each other was feeling and practiced being good listeners and speakers.  Then we reviewed our five classroom rules.  Do you remember all five?  We did our spelling word of the day "emergency" and an introduction for "How to handle an emergency".  We did a quick doodle of a seahorse and then we went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We worked with the ending "ed" and added it on to words to show things in the past tense.  We also did a round of the daily 5. After recess we had math, but before we did Alexis took some time and read her journal to us and showed some pictures on the smartboard.  Do you remember what she was talking about?  We started our math reviewing the value of three different coins; Pennies, nickels, and dimes.  We practiced counting nickles and pennies together.  We even did a money worksheet with just those two coins.  How do we write 36 cents with a dollar sign?  After a beautiful outdoor lunch we had hot lunch! Thank you to all the volunteers who come in and help make that program possible!  After we ate we went to the computer lab and learned how to make a folder, find a Remembrance day image online, and save it in our folder.  In PE we had a warm up, played the witch game, and had a game where you couldn't smile!  We ended the day with some mindful breathing and yoga stretches, did our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, and packed up for home!  Get lots of rest, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 20, 2015

Time to Fly! by Alexis The days are definately getting colder, but it was nice to see most students are dressing much warmer!  We started off the day a bit late because of the new breakfast program sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters!  The kids in this class are making good use of the program too!  We are all very excited about it.  We started off the day with a sharing circle.  We practiced being good listeners and making eye contact and asking each other the question of the day "what is your favorite food?".  Our spelling word was "electrician" and our introduction was for the story "How to become an electrician".  In math we did a quiz for writing numbers.  We used our hundreds chart to add by ones and tens.  We did an addition sheet and some students got an introduction to nickels and pennies.  We will be counting money next with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We played the contraction game.  I do not remember what a contraction is, do you?  We also did a round of the daily five.  After lunch we had guidance with Ms. MacKenzie.  She had some very relaxing music with her!  What did she do with you?  In PE with Mrs. Hache we played a witch game.  Do you think she gets powers at Halloween?  I bet she doesnt!  We finished off the day with a much needed desk clean, our book of gratitude, we got the agenda's signed and packed and called it a day!  Hot lunch tomorrow!  Dress warm and get lots of sleep for a busy day. 

Posted: October 19, 2015

Dress Warm, Its Getting Cold It was a cold day out there today!  We started off the day with a breakfast program.  Students can come into the school, hang up their bookbags and jackets, and go to the kitchen for toast, fruit, and/or juice.  What a great way to start the day!  Many thanks to the boys and girls club for helping to sponsor such a great program.  After the bell rang we started the day with a sharing circle.  We took turns being good speakers and listeners and asking about each others weekends.   Do you remember what any of your classmates said they did on the weekend?  Our spelling word today was "fertilizer" and our introduction was for a story called "How to make fertilizer".  We doodled a taco and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill. After recess we had math.  In math we worked with a hundreds chart.  If we add by 10's which way do we move on the hundreds chart?  Which way do we move if we add by 1's?  We went outside at lunch but had to come in early because we had some kids crying because it was too cold and they weren't dressed properly.  I hope everyone dresses warm tomorrow!  After lunch we stayed in the classroom and began work on our blue prints for our Remembrance day posters.  How does your blueprint look?  We went to PE with Mrs. Hache and she had a cool looking obstacle course set up in the gym.  What did was your favorite part?  We finished off the day packing the interim reports along with a memo into our agendas.  We wrote in our book of gratitude, signed our agenda's, and got ready for home.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 16, 2015

Hanging Out by Jaxon Fridays always go so fast!  We started out the day with our sharing circle.  We took turns being good listeners, placing our eyes on the speaker and not making any movements or noise.  Each person took a turn asking the next person "what are you doing this weekend?".  What was your answer.  Then we took turns placing a block on a tower to see how high we could make it before it fell.  Before we started I told everyone two things were certain, the tower would eventually fall, and life will continue on after it does.  I was right about both today!  Next we did our spelling word "information".  What is special about the ending syllable of this word?  We wrote an introduction for "How to Find Information" and doodled a candy.  In language arts with Mrs. Hill we played sight word bingo and did a round of the daily five.  After recess we had Make Something That Does Something.  Today we worked in teams to make coffe cup flash lights with the little bits.  Did your flash light work?  What kind of button did your team use?  After lunch we had art.  We drew a scarecrow (with some help from a video on youtube) in a pumpkin patch with some crows.  We also put our first layer of color down with crayons they look great!  Then we went to PE with Mrs. Hache and played soccer!  I couldnt believe how tired everyone looked after gym!  Instead of a book of gratitude today we decided to put some more work into our scare crows, while I signed the agenda's.  We tried one more time for the tower game, and then got ready to go home.  I was glad to see most of the students were wearing hats and mitts today as it is really starting to get cold outside.  Have a great weekend, stay safe, stay warm, get lots of rest, and I will see you on Monday!

Posted: October 15, 2015

Selfie with the Timer Button by Jack Another busy day in grade two!  Our day started off with a visitor!  Mrs. Jardine will be coming into class for the first half hour of every morning for a little bit to help out!  She really had fun today.  She spelled "kindergarten" correctly using the number of syllables, with at least one vowel per syllable.  Her introduction for "How to pretend you're in kindergarten" had 3 sentences, and she loved the doodle!  She will be back tomorrow for sure!  In math we had a quick number quiz (I will record it and post one tommorrow).  We worked on adding two digit numbers, and looked at our hundreds chart for the first time.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  After lunch we went to the library.  I dont think Mrs. Hache was used to classes going to the library the way we did!  Mrs Weeks (the librarian) gave us new bags to keep our books in, and we read a story about David.  Which I-Care rule was David NOT following?  We then had PE with Mrs. Hache.  I love wearing jerseys and playing on a team!  Did you score a goal in soccer today?  We finished off our day looking at Remembrance day poster winners from the past.  What did you notice about all the winners?  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude and gettting our agenda's signed.  Tomorrow is our last day of the week.  It sure was cold today and I noticed lots of students with winter hats and mittens already!  Dress warm so you dont get sick, get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 14, 2015

I cant believe the week is over half finished already!  Our day started out the day with a class meeting.  We all gave one piece of news, and expressed how we were feeling.  We could only come up with one other word to describe hungry.  Can you think of any others?  Our spelling word today was "invitation" and our introduction was for "How to make a birthday invitation".  Most of the class is writing the title and three sentences in under three minutes.   We then went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  Today we discussed when the letter "Cc"  makes a soft sound and when it makes a hard sound.  We also worked on our daily five.  After recess we had math.  In math we worked with base ten blocks and with place value charts to represent numbers in different ways.  After lunch we went to the computer lab and practiced creating a folder and saving images to that folder.  In PE today we played soccer with Mrs. Gallant who was in for Mrs. Hache.  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude, and getting our agenda's signed.  Check out the image gallery below with work from our books.  A memo went home today about Tommies basketball.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!   

Posted: October 13, 2015

Posted: October 13, 2015

School Picture Day by Tyler Today was our first day back after a long break for the students.  We started off today with a quick class meeting.  We practiced taking turns talking and sharing one sentence about our weekend.  Then we went straight to work.  We reviewed our school rules, our class rules, and we did our spelling word of the day "discovery".  Most people used a "c" instead of a "k" when they heard the "KA" sound in the "cov" syllable.  I was really excited today with how many people finished all three sentences for their introduction for a story about "How to make a famous discovery".  We doodled a butterfly and had math.  In math today we talked about adding digits and numbers.  Which one of the two has value?  Does a phone number have value?  We looked at place value charts and how to draw our base ten blocks to represent numbers.  We also did a quick practice quiz on listening to numbers.   Why do we not use the word "and" when we say numbers, like "three hundred and forty seven"?  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  How is your stamina coming along in the daily five?  We also did a five finger re-tell of our weekend. Do you know what the five fingers and your palm are supposed to remind you to write?  After lunch we went outside to take a school picture infront of the building.  Then we came in and did some mindful breathing with Mrs. Mckenzie before gym class with Mrs. Hache.  I saw lots of colored jersey's, hockey nets, and soccer balls.  What did you do?  After gym we finished off the day by talking about Remembrance day, doing our book of gratitude, getting our agenda's signed, packing up and going home.  Tomorrow is hot lunch, bring your money if you want hamburgers. Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: October 7, 2015

Time to Go In by Launa WOW this week flew by! Remember there is no school for the next 5 days for students!  Thursday and Friday are PD Days and Monday is Thanksgiving.  Today we started off the day with our spelling word, "convertible" and an introduction to a story "How to drive a convertible".  We doodled two quick monsters, scored our pages, and went to Language Arts with Mrs. Hill.  In language arts today we did the daily five with a focus on word families.  What is a word family?  After recess we had math.  I gave some extra time to some of the students to finish their quiz on patterns from the other day, then we worked in groups for a news story on "rats".  Do you remember how many babies one rat can have in a year?  How many decendants would that make in one year?  After we finished our news we worked with our group to make numbers with base ten blocks.  Today was a hot lunch day!  We had pizza.  Thank you so much to all the volunteers who come out and help make that program possible.  After lunch we had a quick art lesson on how to draw a turkey for thanksgiving.  I wonder why the turkeys looked so nervous?  In PE with Mrs Hache we had a game day!  Student get to choose the game.  What game would you choose if you were asked?  I like dead ant.  We finished up the day reviewing some thanks giving facts, packing our agendas with memo's, and writing in our book of gratitude.  What did you write down that you were looking forward to doing on your break?  Get lots of rest, dont eat too much and I will see you after your break on Tuesday!  Have a great long weekend everyone!

Posted: October 6, 2015

Special Visitor by PC Can you believe the students are over half way through their week already? Our day got off to an unusual start as you may have guessed by the picture of the day!  Sparky the Fire Dog and his friends from the Fire Department stopped by to make sure we knew some basic fire safety and fire prevention tips.  Do you know 2 ways to get out of your house if there was a fire?  Where is your family meeting spot?  Does your smoke detector work?  Remember "Get out and Stay out".  After our assembly we did a quick review of the origins of thanksgiving.  Do you remember the name of the boat that the pilgrims came on?  Where did they leave from?  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We played guess the covered word, did daily 5 activities, broke into reading groups, and we had a writers workshop where students wrote in their journals.  After lunch we had guidance with Mrs. Mackenzie.  She talked about the different parts of the brain and what those parts do.   We also worked on mindfulness and resting our brains.  In PE we worked on some soccer skills and played a game at the end were I saw alot of goalies!  Did you score a goal for your team?  We finished off the day reviewing some fire safety facts and some thanksgiving facts.  Do you remember why said that our thanksgiving is different from the one in the USA?  Tomorrow is hot lunch and it is the last day of school for students this week!  Teachers have meeting on Thursday and Friday.  Get lots of rest tonight and I will see you in the morning. 


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