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Posted: September 17, 2015

Before We Start by Cole What a warm day today!  It sure didn't feel like September. We started off our day with a fire drill!  Everyone exited the building quickly and quietly and we all found our spots easily.  Safety First!  When we came back inside we did our splling word "hamster" and wrote and introduction for "How to Own a Hamster".  Did you make three sentences successfully?  After that we organized our books and book boxes before we did a math review on patterns.  The class did so well they earned an early recess.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  There was guided reading groups and the class worked on compound word sorts.  After lunch we went to the library.  Some students took their books home and others kept theirs in their box boxes.  What book did you get?  After library we had PE with Mrs. Hachey.  She played "the old gray cat" "dead ants" "Candy store" what was your favorite game?  We ended the day learning how to use our agenda's.  I signed each one and will be looking for any notes at the beginning of each day.  There were also Terry Fox memo's and pledge sheets that went home today.  Dont forget to mark the fall Fair on your calendar as well.  Have a great night, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 16, 2015

Two Thumbs Up for IBP by Launa We are over half way through the week!  Most students came in, set up their work for the day, and got it all done before the starting bell.  Our spelling word today was "cartoon", and we wrote an introduction for "how to make a cartoon".  Then we did a quick doodle of a fox before going down the hall to Mrs. Hill's class for language arts.  In language arts today Mrs. Hill worked with guided reading groups while the remain students worked on compound words!  What is a compound word?  After lunch we went to the computer lab and worked with the program Paint.  We learned how to switch between tabs, zoom, use a brush, fill, and make shapes.  Then we went right into PE with Mrs. Hache.  That Dead Ant game looks really fun!  I wonder how you play?  We came back up to the classroom where we did a quick cool down activitiy, read a chapter in our book, and ended the day writing in our journals. Tonight is meet the teacher at 6:30 in the gym.  Mrs. Hache has a brief presentation which will be followed by a very informal meet and greet with coffee and cookies.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 15, 2015

Reading Buddies by Emma A terrific Tuesday in grade two!  Students are coming into the room when they get here in the morning and starting their routine immediately without anyone even telling them!  What a great group!  Our spelling word today was "octopus".  We learned whenever we hear a "KA" sound like in the first syllable of octopus, and we arent sure which letter to use, we should use the letter C, because most times it is a "C" not a "K" that makes the sound.  We worked on an introduction for "How to Eat an Octopus".  We doodled a horse again.  They looked much better today, and we were much quicker.  We also took some time to score our sheets.  We went outside and loaded onto the bus for our School Bus Safety, and practiced our evacuation in case of an emergency.  In math we worked on pattern rules for increasing patterns and worked on single digit addition.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We played some spelling games, made words, and talked about slowing down an pausing at comma's.   After lunch we had guidance with Mrs. Mackenzie.  We talked about being thankful.  Then we had PE with Mrs. Hache.  Which animal did you like pretending to be the most when you escaped from your zoo cage?  We finished off the day with a quick desk clean to stay organized and did our books of gratitude.  What did you enjoy most about your day today?  Have a great night and get lots of rest. I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 14, 2015

Indoor Recess by Tyler It was a rainy day and a busy day here in grade two.  The day started off with our regular routine.  Students set up their pages and waited for the announcements.  We did our spelling word today "potato" and and introduction for "How to Skip Rope".  We also did a quick doodle of a horse.  Then we went down the hall to Mrs. Hill's class for Language Arts.  We all did some writing about our weekends.  Did you start every sentence with a capital letter and end every sentence with a stop?  I can name the 3 ways to end a sentence!  I hope you can too.  (hint: look at my last 3 sentences).  After an indoor reces we had math.  In math we worked on patterns and spent a little more time with pattern rules.  We talked about the elements (items) in a repeating pattern and an increasing pattern.  We also worked on our single digit addition.  After an indoor lunch we read another chapter in our book.  What crazy thing did Annie do before Jack could stop her?  I hope she doesnt get eaten!  Then we went to the computer lab.  Can you find : windows start button, internet explorer, paint, and the volume control already?  After computer we went to PE with Mrs. Hache.  What fun games did you play today?  I saw you with your arms interlocked running in teams of 2.   We finished off our day going over bus safety and wrote in our book of gratitude.  Who did you say "thank you" to today?  Why?  Get lots of sleep, this is our first full week and I will see you in the morning! 

Posted: September 11, 2015

Hey Buddy by Caden Week one flew by!  The students are picking up the routines easily and we are already making great progress in most areas.  We started off the day setting up our pages and doing our spelling word.  Today's word was "bumblebee".  How many syllables does it have?  We worked on writing 3 sentences for our introduction, and did a doodle of a sea monster before we went down the hall to see Mrs. Hill for Language Arts.  It was a rainy day today and we had indoor recess.  After recess we had math.  We worked on our pattern rules and talked about items in a pattern.  In math we call each item (shape, color, number) that is being used an element.  How many elements in this number pattern?  "8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20"  Can you fill in the pattern rule for it?  Start with ___ and ____ each time.  After a quiet indoor recess we had art, where we drew our own monster and colored him.  Then we had PE with Mrs. Hache, I came in at the end and saw a great game of four square!  After PE we went back upstairs, worked on our monsters and finished off the day writing in our journals.  How did you finish the sentence "My favorite thing about school today was..." There were two notes that went home today.  One was a floride permission slip that needs to be signed and returned, and the other was just some news items and reminders.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday for our first full week!

Posted: September 10, 2015

Recess Bliss by P.C. What a beautiful September day!  We started of the day by setting up our work page.  What are the 3 things I look for at the top of every page.  We did our spelling word today which was "dinosaur", we worked on our 3 introduction sentences for "how to make a cake", and we doodled a dog.  In math we worked on making our writing hand stronger and practiced printing our numbers.  We also did an addition sheet for digits 0-9.  We reviewed patterns and talked about pattern rules.  All patterns have a pattern rule that tell you how to make the pattern.  They always follow the same format in grade two, "start with ___ and _____ each time".  Can you make a pattern from the rule "start with 6 and add 2 each time"?  If you can't, dont worry, you will be able to soon!  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  She went over compound words.  What is a compound word?  Is cowboy a compound word?  After lunch we read another chapter from our book.  What do you think Jack and Annie saw flying outside the window of the tree house?  Why?  We also talked about bus safety.  How long should you be at the bus stop before the bus comes?  Why?  Next we had PE with Mrs. Hache.  I could hear lots of music and see the bean bags.  What did were you doing?  When we came back to the classroom we worked on our book of gratitude.  What is something that made you smile today?  Then we packed up and went home.  Students did pack a memo today, you should be able to see it on the front page of the website very soon.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow for the last day of week one!   

Posted: September 9, 2015

Strike a Pose by Chloe Another great day in grade two!  We started off the day reviewing our 5 class rules and setting up our papers.  We started with our spelling word of the day "taffy".  How many syllable (claps) does it have?  What special kind of letter does each syllabe need?  We practiced our three sentences for an introduction of a story, and we did a quick doodle of a candy taffy.  Then we walked down the hall to Mrs. Hill's class for language arts.  How did you do on your scavenger hunt?  What was the hardest thing to find?  Students played a game of "guess the covered word", and I also saw some great stories that the students wrote abou their most memorable thing they did over the summer!  It was raining outside so we stayed in for recess.  I was really happy with how everyone kept the class nice and clean!  In math we talked about patterns.  We reviewed the word "core"  and had two new words today, attribute and element.  We also did a quick review of our "counting on" strategy for addition numbers 0-9.  After indoor lunch we went to the computer room.  Remember, the computer room is a classroom, and some ,sites/games that are okay for home may not be okay for school.  After computer we went to PE with Mrs. Hache.  Does Mrs. Hache have different rules for the gym?  After PE we came back to the classroom.  We read the first chapter of our book, "The Magic Treehouse - Dinosaur Before Dark".  Do you remember what Annie's brothers name is?  What did she find in the woods?  We finished off the day with some writing.  Who did you write about that was nice to you today?  Get lots of sleep tonight and I will see you tomorrow! 

Posted: September 8, 2015

 First Day of Class For Grade 2 The first day of school flew by!  Students arrived at the school, found their hooks for their book bags, shelves for their lunch cans and their desks.  They all had a picture they colored while they waited for the announcements to start the day.  Everyone was super quiet, but Im not complaining because I feel like that wont be the norm once everyone gets a little more comfortable.  We started out the day by going over the 5 classroom rules.  Do you remember what they are?  Use your hands to help you remember.  We did a math worksheet with addition 0-9  and started our unit on patterns.  We had our first indoor recess and I was very pleased with how well everyone cleaned up after themselves.  After recess we went to Mrs. Hill's room for language arts.  She read a few books, one was called "The First Day Jitters".  Students worked on the smartboard and did some activites seperating words by long and short vowels.  We were lucky enough to get outside for the big recess.  After lunch, Mrs. MacKenzie came in for guidance and reviewed the school I-care rules and talked to us about how to be a good listener.  Then we had PE.  Mrs. Hache will normally do the PE, but I did it today.  We talked about the 3 rules for the gym.  Do your remember what they are? (Be safe, be kind, be gentle).  Then we came up to the classroom. Today the school sent home 4 notes, two of which are to be returned.  One was a student information sheet, please check to make sure all of our contact information is correct.  The other form was a media release form to give permission to publish on the website.  We finished off the day writing in our book of gratitude.  How did you finish the sentence, "One cool thing that happened to me today was.."?  We had a quick dance party to celebrate how well we followed the rules and went home.  Get lots of rest tonight and I will see you bright and early in the morning.  

Posted: September 2, 2015


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