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Posted: September 30, 2015

Indoor Lunch by Cannon It was a very rainy Wednesday today.  I was very happy to see most of the students finished setting up their page for our opening activities and did the math sheet of the day.  Our spelling word today was "microwave".  How many syllables is "microwave"?  Our introduction was for a story called "How to Use a Microwave". Can you do 3 sentences for an introduction?  We did a quick doodle of a skull and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We went over the expectations for daily 5, did some reading, and played a contraction game.  LA was cut a little short so that we could get our pictures taken.  I was glad we got to get our pictures done before we ate our recess snacks!  After recess we had math.  We looked at even and odd numbers.  Remember its the last digit in the number that we need to look at!  We worked with some pattern rules and did some single digit addition.  After lunch we went to the computer lab.  We worked with paint and learned how to make a rainbow.  We got our class picture done in the gym in the afternoon and finished off the day with some PE.  Mrs. Hache had a game of ant tag and everyone is it.  I asked all the students to sign their own agenda's with a happy face, and we packed up and called it a day.  Its supposed to be rainy again tomorrow so get lots of sleep and dress for the weather.  Have a great night and I will see you bright an early. 

Posted: September 29, 2015

Playground Pals by Zander It was a very busy day today!  We set up our page, did our agenda, and learned how to do our math entry sheet for a weekly draw!  Can you think of two different ways to show the number 17 for tomorrow?  Can you draw it with base ten blocks, write it as a word, or put it in a place value chart?  If you can't, dont worry, you will be able to very soon!  Our spelling word today was "watermelon" and our introduction was for "How to grow a watermelon".  We were just about to start our doodle when Mrs. Hache came over the intercom and told us we were having a lockdown drill.  Were you scared?  Everyone did a great job, but I forgot to switch my phone to silent.  When Mrs. Hache texted for my head count it made a loud noise.  Thats why we practice!  I'll be better next time.  After the lock down we doodled a cat and started math. In math we reviewed place value chart and I showed you my quick way to draw base ten blocks.  Can you draw 43 using base ten blocks?  How about 243?  (remember a square for 100, a line for 10, and a period for 1).  Before we could do any work with the blocks we had to play with them and build things!  I think we will be ready to make some patterns with them tomorrow!  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.   After lunch we had guidance with Mrs. Mackenzie.  She talked about the brain.  Do you remember any of the names of parts of the brain or what they do?  After guidance we had PE.  We must be working on our stamina for running.  Did you pace yourself well?  We finished up the day by grading some student work together, and then we went outside to help Mrs. Hache move some boards from the fall fair.  We didnt get to do our book of gratitude writing today, but I think a good deed is maybe more important.  I think its supposed to rain tomorrow, so get lots of sleep and dress warm.  Remember that tomorrow is picture day here at IBP!  Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

Posted: September 28, 2015

Flower Power by Sophie What a wonderful Monday!  Students came in and went right to work.  Agenda's out and pages set up!  Our spelling word was "caterpillar" and our introduction was for a story called "How to find a caterpillar".  We doodled a wolf, filed our sheets in our books, and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  Mrs. Hill read from tales of a fourth grade nothing.  Who are the characters in that book?  Then Mrs. Hill worked with some reading groups while other students wrote about their weekends and did a read to self session.  After recess we had math.  We talked about pattern rules and place value.  What is the difference between a digit and a number?  Which one has value?  Would you rather have 5 pennies or 1 bill?  Why?  After lunch we went to the computer lab.  We all logged in and did some work with paint!  Do you remember how many tabs paint has?  In PE Mrs. Hache introduced two new games!  "Rivers and Bridges" along with another game called "Everyone is it".  Which game did you like best?  We finished off the day writing in our book of gratitude, signing our agenda's, and packing our bookbags.  Please check the front pocket of the agenda for today's memo, or the front page of our school webpage.  Remember that Wednesday is picture day!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: September 25, 2015

Walking Buddies by Gabe Another week done!  I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!  We started off the day writing in our agenda's and setting up our page!  Im really pleased with how fast everyone is picking up the routine!  Our spelling world today was "Helicopter" and our introduction was for "How to Fly a Helicopter".  We doodled an owl, scored our own page, put the pages in our duotangs, and went to LA with Mrs. Hill.  In langage arts we sorted word according to their ending.  Words that rhyme often times have the same endings.  We also played a game of site word bingo!  Did you win?  After recess we had Make Something that Does Something!  Today we worked in groups, watched a video on skunks, and had to answer questions as a group!  After we finished our "World News" we got to work with "Little Bits".  Little Bits are magnetic circuits!  Do you remember what a sensor is?  HINT: What are your five senses?  After lunch we had the Terry Fox Walk!  Check out the image gallery on the front page of the website.  It was so nice to have so many family members come out and walk with us.  After the walk the grade two's got a special PE.. TOGETHER!  After PE we cleaned our desks, got our agenda's signed, and did some finish up work with Terry Fox.  I will be here at IBP on Sunday for the the Fall Fair!  I hope everyone makes it out and participates in the activities.  Have a great weekend and I will see you very soon! 

Posted: September 24, 2015

Say Cheese by Liam This week is going very fast!  I cant believe its Friday already!  We started off the day with our regular routine.  Our spelling word was "alligator" and our introduction was for a story called "How to wrestle an alligator".  We did a doodle of a cupcake.  In math we reviewed our vocabulary, increasing patterns, and looked at our first decreasing patterns.  We even had some time at the end to play a smartboard game as a group.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We finished up our writing pieces from yesterday and wrote accrostic poems about fall.  What the heck is an accrostic poem?  Mrs. Hill even had time for a round of daily 5 with some read to self and some guided reading.  After lunch we went to the library.  I had a few students forget to return their books, which is partially my fault since I forgot to remind everyone!  Every Thursday after lunch we will be going to the school library to exchange our books.  After library we went to PE with Mrs. Hache.  I saw those mats set up again today and I noticed your 3 minute warm up is now 4 minutes.  Mrs. Hache must be building your stamina!  We finished off the day with some quick videos on Terry Fox and the Marathon of hope.  We signed our agenda's and called it a day.  Tomorrow after lunch at 12:30 the entire school will be walking the track.  If you have raised funds, please bring in your monies.  All family members are welcome to attend!  Hope to see you here tomorrow!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you bright and early!    

Posted: September 23, 2015

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Posted: September 23, 2015

HELLO by Damien Today was the first officia day of Fall!   We set up our page for our morning activity work and started our day right away!  Our spelling word today was "spider", and our introduction was for "How to Scare a Spider".  We doodled a leopard, and went to Mrs. Hill's Class for Language Arts.  In LA we did a writers workshop and wrote about our favorite things about the fall.  What do you like about the fall?  Do you do any special activities?  After recess we had math.  We worked on our pattern rules, vocabulary flash cards, and single digit addition worksheets.  We also talked about working independantly.  What does that word mean?  After lunch we went to the computer lab.  We worked on logging ourselfs in under our own profile accounts.  In PE I saw lots of blue mats along with foam and gator skin balls.  What kind of game did you play?  The mats seemed like barriers.  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude, agenda's, and some people even got a jump on their morning sheet as a responsible choice.  Mrs Hill's grade one class picture when home in the front pocket of the agenda (for those whoe ewere in her class).  Also tomorrow we go to the school library, so please remember to return your books!  Make sure you get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 22, 2015

Strike a Pose by Jaxon Summer is officially over and fall is here!  I am so pleased that everyone is coming into the room in the morning and getting all their jobs done!  What is the big job you have to do first thing each morning?  After we got our worksheet set up, we did our spelling word “rocket” and an introduction to the story “How to Fly a Rocket”. Can you remember how your introduction started?  Anyone can remember how to their introduction started.  Here is how your introduction started.  Just as we finished our doodle of a panda we were just getting ready to start our math when the fire alarm sounded!  We all got out quickly and quietly, and I was so happy everyone lined up in their order without me even having to remind anyone!  When we came back in we review our math vocabulary for our pattern unit, did a single digit addition sheet, and practiced making patterns from pattern rules like “Start with 5 and +3 each time”.  After recess we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  We wrote thank you letters to Miramichi Honda for providing every student in the building with a Tim Horton’s smiley face cookie!  We also worked on our daily 5 read to self and guided reading.   What did you read from your book box today?  After lunch we had PE with Ms. Mackenzie.  She helped us examine our brains and see the difference between being “mindful” and when we are “mindless”.  Then we went to PE with Mrs. Hache!  We had an animal warm up, played caslte and a zoo keeper game.  Mrs. Hache is very excited about a new game tomorrow!  We finished off the day with a desk clean and getting our agenda’s signed.  Just a reminder that Friday at 12:30 we will have our school Terry Fox Walk.  All family members are welcome to join us at this event!  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow!   

Posted: September 21, 2015

Lunch Buddy by Jack Everyday is a great day when you're in grade two! We started off today writing in our agenda's and setting up our work page.  Our spelling word today was "tiger" and our three sentences for an introduction were for a story called "How to catch a tiger."  We doodled a walrus, reviewed our fire drill routine, and our lockdown routine.  In language arts today with Mrs. Hill we started "The Daily 5" program.  This program sets students to build up their stamina to work in guided and independant sessions.  Stamina and Independant are two big words!  Do you remember what they mean?  After recess we had math.  In math we reviewed all the vocabulary for the unit.  We did a single digit addition sheet and we practiced using our pattern rules.  After lunch we went to the computer lab where we logged in the computers for the first time by loading our own user names!  School emails for each student wont seem far behind.  In PE we did new games called "Guard the Castle" and "Tag your Partner" with sponge balls.  We finished off the day writing in our book of gratitude and getting our agenda's signed.  How did you finish your sentence "One thing I like about myself is..."?  The fall fair has been moved to this coming Sunday, Terry Fox Walk is Friday, and Picture Day is next Wednesday!  The calendar will be filling up quickly with fun events, so get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 18, 2015

MSTDS Zipline by Alexis Today flew by, but times flies when youre having fun!  We started out the day setting up our work page and with me opening the agenda's to check for notes!  Then we went straight to work.  Today's spelling word was "monkey" and our introduction sentences were for a pretend story called "How to catch a monkey".  We doodled a sea monster and put our papers in our duotangs before we walked down the hall for language arts with Mrs. Hill.  In langage arts today we did some vocabulary games and drills on the smart board and got to play a game of sight word BINGO!  After a beautiful recess outside we had a special math class.  On Fridays instead of a regular math class we do an activity I call "Make Something that Does Something".  Every Friday students will have to work in small groups to make something to try and win a challenge I give.  The task is usually easy, but made difficult by the fact that students must work in a group.  Todays challenge was to build a machine that could take weight down a string like a zipline.  Did your bucket go faster and further with more weight or less weight?  Will heavier things fall faster or slower?  After lunch we were very lucky to take a quick cookie break!  A very special thank you to Miramichi Honda for sending our entire school a Tim Hortons Smiley face cookie!  After we all had a cookie we sat down and drew a Minion!  You know the students like the art lesson when many of them refuse to give you their work because they want to take it home.  Some students said I could display it on my board in the hall for one day!  They all did a great job!  After Art we had PE with Mrs. Hache.  It was a game day Friday followed by a dance party that was HOT HOT HOT!  We finished off our day by getting our agenda's signed and we had a quick dance party of our own.  Remember that this Sunday is the Fall Fair!  The weather reports are fluxuating, but use your best judgement.  If it is raining it will be cancelled.  You can also check the front page of the school website on Sunday if you're uncertain!  Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you bright and early Monday morning!   


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