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Posted: November 3, 2015

Calthumpians by Caden The snow and slush held off today and it was a beautiful day at Ian Baillie!  We started out with a circle share where the students took turns being good listeners and speakers.  We did our spelling word "beautiful" and worked on the "First, " section of a story for "How to Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag".  Did you get a topic sentence and two details about your topic?  We doodled an anchor and did some math.  In math we reviewed our place value chart and our hundreds chart.  We talked about samples and estimates.  Tomorrow we will be looking at comparing numbers using greater than and less than.  Some students in our class went outside, and others went to choir for recess.  After recess we practiced our Remembrance Day song with the other grade two. In language arts with Mrs. Hill we practiced being editors and correcting sentences.   We also did a round of the daily 5.  At lunch some students stayed in for Mad Science and others went outside.  After lunch we had a presentation by the Calthumpians from Fredericton!  They shared some cool songs with us about caring for the environment.  Do you know any simple things you can do to care for the environment?  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude and got our agenda's signed.  Since we had more happy faces than sad faces we also won the classroom toys back and had 12 minutes of free time!  Hot lunch is tomorrow and Im still looking for a couple of permission slips to come back for the Remembrance day poster contest.  Im glad everyone is dressing so warm because it is getting cold.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning. 

Posted: November 2, 2015

Poppies Our first day of November!  We started off the day with a circle share.  What is your favorite Halloween treat?  Did anyone trade all of their candy with the Switch Witch for something cool?  Our spelling word today was "November" and our story was "How to trick someone".  What did you write was the first thing you needed to trick someone?  We doodled a cupcake and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  Before we started language arts we practiced our song for Remembrance day.  Then we worked on the daily 5.  We stayed in for recess because the playground was so wet and many students in this class went to choir.  After recess we had math.  We talked about "samples" and "estimates".  Do you know what those words mean?  Do you remember how I used a sample to help me make an estimate? After lunch we worked on our posters for Remembrance day before we went to PE.  I saw lots of hockey sticks out!  After PE we worked on our Posters, did our book of gratitude, signed our agenda's and packed our bookbags.  Some photo's went home for those that ordered, class pictures, hot lunch and a memo.  If you have any fundraising monies please send them in as the order will be processed on Wednesday!   I heard it may snow tomorrow!  Dress warm and get lots of sleep!  I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 30, 2015

In Between Dances by Chloe What a fun day!  I love Halloween!  We started off the day with our regular routine.  We did a circle share to practice our listening, and went right into our work.  Our spelling word today was "cemetery" and our "First," step for our procedural writing paragraph with two sentences was for a pretend story callled "how to trick or treat".  We did two doodles today, a paintbrush and a beet.  Instead of language arts we had music to practice our Remembrance day song.  We are getting better.  We came back to the classroom and handed out some (just some) of our treats before recess.  After recess we had an assembly.  We had some student talent perform a dance, poetry reading, and power point on dirt bikes!   Remember if you want to showcase talent get your application into Mrs. Hache at least a week before the assembly!   A big congratulations to Jack for winning the I-care award this month!   After lunch we had our Halloween Parade and dance!  We came up to the class after and handed out some treats and packed up to go home!  School photo's are in, but I opted NOT to send them home today so they didnt get crushed into bookbags with costumes and candy, they will go home on Monday with the new hot lunch forms.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Dont eat too much candy and I will see you on Monday!

Posted: October 29, 2015

Breakfast by Caleb It was a rainy day wet day today!  We started our day out with our breakfast program. In the class we set up our page for work.  We did our spelling word "American" and the "First, " step of a procedural piece for "How to get dressed".  What was your topic for the "First," step?  Did you make two detail sentences?  We doodled a giraffe.  Then we reviewed place value, hundreds chart, and worked with coins.  Today we worked with making sums of money with pennies nickels and dimes.  Can you make $0.34 with pennies nickles and dimes two different ways?  After an indoor recess we practiced our Remembrance Day song with the other grade 2 class.  Then we had language arts with Mrs. Hill.  What was your spooky story about?  After lunch we went to the library.  We changed our books and read a story about duck soup.  What made them think that the duck had fallen in the soup?  In PE we played Witches and Gravestones.   We finished off the day signing the agenda's, writing in our book of gratitude, and working on our posters.  Tomorrow we will have an assembly at 10:25. After lunch we will have our Halloween celebration in the gym.  A memo went home today, please dont wear your costume to school, you may bring it and change into it at lunch.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 28, 2015

Are You Eating My Bearpaw? by Canyon Today was a stressful day when some helpful students took my car on a coffee run!  (Check out the morning annoucements)  We started the day with picture retakes for the students who requested it.  If you missed you picture you can get them done at the Dewy Studio downtown Thursday after school.  Our spelling word today was "binoculars" and our first and detail sentences were for "How to make cereal".  We doodled an apple and went to language arts with Mrs. Hill.  What is your favorite part of the daily five?  After recess we had math.  We practiced counting nickels and dimes.  Can you make $0.25 with 5 coins? 4 coins? 3 coins?  Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came in today to help with the hot lunch!  After lunch we worked on our remembrance day posters.  Remember your poster should be almost identical to your blueprint!  In PE we played a game where you had to be a gravestone if you were caught by a witch!   We finished off the day working on our posters and some students are already ready to add color!  A memo went home about the halloween dance on Friday.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 27, 2015

Walking with My Shadow by Zander What a great day today!  We started off the day with some breakfast from the breakfast program, watched ourselves on the morning announcements, did a circle share, and started into our work!  Our spelling word today was "invisible" and our "First, " was on how to be a witch.  What did you say was the first thing you need to be a witch?  Did you get two details on that topic?  After we doodled some halloween candy we worked on math.  We reviewed placing digits in a place value chart, placing numbers in a hundreds chart, and counting money.  Every student was given a few nickels and dimes.  Most of us are good at counting by 5's and 10's, but its harder when you have to think how they fit together.  Can you make 25 cents with 5 coins?  Can you make it with 4 coins?  How about 3?  Grab some nickels and dimes at home and see if you can count it!  After recess we went to Mrs. Hill's class where we practiced singing our song for remembrance day.  Then we had language arts.  Do you know the difference between a hard and soft "Gg" ?   When lunch was over we had guidance with Mrs. McKenzie.  Were you eating in her class?  Why?  In PE we went over the Zones of regulation.  Do you know the four zone colors?  Which zone are you in?  We also played freeze tag and dead ant.  When we came back to the class we wrote in our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, packed up and still had time for a quick game! It was still cold out today.  Im glad to see so many hats and mitts along with warm winter jackets.  Get lots of rest and I will see you in the morning! 

Posted: October 26, 2015

Tunnel Vision by Sophie This is the week approaching Halloween and there is energy in the air!  We started off the day with a sharing circle.  What did you share about your weekend?  We did an "impossible" spelling word, and we started using the "First" part of our procedural writing.  We also included two detail sentences about our topic.  Todays topic was "How to make a cake".  In language arts today we did weekend news and a five finger recount.  We also did one round of the daily five.  What activity of the daily five did you do; Read to self, Write to Self, Buddy Read, Word Work, Listen to reading, or did you work with the teacher?  After recess we had math.  We did a math numbers quiz, reviewed place value and hundreds chart, we counted some money, and started work on rounding numbers on a numberline.   After a very cold outdoor lunch (I hope youre dressed for the cold), we had music.  We practiced our Remembrance day song "Peace in My heart".   In PE we did 4 new warm up exercises, we did an obstacle course, and played a tag game.  We finished off the day doing the morning announcements as a group.  Look for our class tommorow on the main page.  Wednesday is picture retake day.  A mad science note, and a fundraiser sheet also went home tonight so please check the agenda's.  Dress for the weather!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: October 23, 2015

LOOK OUT JACK ITS THE HULK by Gabe Today was an exciting day!  We started off the day with our regular circle share and asked each other "What are you doing this weekend".  We played a tower game with the Jenga Blocks.  What are the two things that will happen everytime we play that game?  (The tower will fall, and life will go on).  Because we knew we were going to be sitting for a little while at Saint Andrews, instead of spelling we did some dancing!  Then we loaded on the buses and went to Saint Andrews for a big announcement.  City Councilors, MLA's, and the MP showed up along with parents and students from Richibucto who are in a youth ochestra.  Both the Ian Baillie and Saint Andrews Choir performed songs and the student orchestra played several songs. They were amazing!  We are so excited that our students are going to get a chance to study with The Youth Orchestra NB, stay tuned for more info on that!  When we got back we did our spelling word, "accelerate" and and intro for "How to accelerate your car".  We doodled a whale and went outside to play.  After lunch we worked on blue prints for our Remembrance day posters before gym class with Mrs. Hache.  After gym we wrote in our book of gratitude, got our agendas signed, packed up our things and had a draw.  Emma was our winner, but she was out of the room, so she will pick her prize on Monday.  Have a great weekend, get lots of rest and I will see you next week!

Posted: October 22, 2015

TIME'S UP! by Liam We started off the day with our sharing circle.  What are you dressing up at halloween as?  We did our spelling word of the day "delivery" and did an introduction for the story "How to make a delivery".  We doodled an ipad and started math.  In math today we reviewed place value and did a number quiz (see audio below).  We also talked about how sometimes it is easier to count by tens then fives, so if we have two nickles we can count those as if they were a dime.  Do you find counting money easy?  We also took the last 10 minutes to work on our Remembrance Day blue prints for our posters.  After outdoor recess (for anyone who didnt go to choir practice) we had language arts with Mrs Hill.   It was raining at lunch so we stayed in and played with the toys and games in the classroom.  After lunch we went to library to change our books, then we had PE with Mrs. Hache.  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, and even had time for a quick draw.  Liam did a great job writing the most today and winning the prize!   Please check the front page for the memo that went home today (and is still on my desk).  Many of the students are wearing Blue Jays gear, or the color blue to support the team, but choir members have been asked to wear special colors as well (see the memo on the main page). Have a great night, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: October 22, 2015

This was today's math quiz.  Remember if you make your digits backwards the question is marked wrong.  We dont make digits backwards in grade two (and you can always look at the hundreds chart on the wall if you're not sure).


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