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Posted: June 13, 2014

 Whose Hair is that?We are down to one week left!  Check the front page of the website for some of the photos that were taken at the zoo yesterday!   A memo went home today with some reminders about next week.  Amoun them that next Tuesday is sports day and Friday is a half day.  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Posted: June 4, 2014

Change in Schedule for the Zoo! There has been a change in the schedule for our field trip tomorrow.  The bus wille leaving no later than 8:30 am.  We will begin our tour at 10 am and have a presentation at the education center at 11:00 am.  We will now be returning to the school at approximately 2:45 pm.  Volunteers who are coming to the zoo are reminded that they're responsible for their admission into the zoo.  The cost is $8.00.  Student are permitted to bring electronics and cameras but they are responsible for their own device!  Dont forget your lunch!  It will be a great day, so get lots of rest and I will see you tomorrow.

Posted: May 29, 2014

A very busy day today.  We started off the day changing our library books!  We came back upstairs and did the senteo part of our fraction quiz, then we went outside for recess.  After recess we had language arts with Miss Gallant.  We worked on our story summary of Charlottes Web and our written recommendations!  Would you recommend this book?  After our lunch break we had an assembly!  Congratulations to Mitchel and Gavin on winning the I-care award!  Congratulations to Kaitlin Martin for winning the spell-a-thon draw for a gift card at Walmart!  After the assembly we had art.  We finished our hot air balloons and did a free paint. We finished off the day with a chair change and writing in our book of gratitude.  Tomorrow we are doing the salmon release!  Remember to bring a bagged lunch, waterbottle, and maybe a hat and sunscreen!  We should have lots of fun!  Get lots of rest and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: May 22, 2014

A very exciting day today!  We went to JMH to see Shrek!  It was amazing!  It's hard to believe that high school students can put on that calibre of a play.  We walked up to JMH, watched the play, and walked back.  When we got back we ate lunch.  After we ate we did our laps in PE with Miss McFarlene.  After PE we had Art with Miss Gallant.  What did you paint today?  We finished up our day with our closing activites and books of gratitude.  No chair changes today!  Get lots of rest and I will see you tomorrow for the last day of the week!  Wow time is flying by! 

Posted: May 20, 2014

Welcome back from the long weekend!  We started off today with a quick chair shuffle from Friday, but this one seemed to make everyone happy!  Good job Tricia.   We did a spelling word, frugal, do you know what that means?  We also tried to solve a problem "If I lost a cell phone", and we did an old doodle of a building in Paris.  Then we had math.  We had our first lesson in our new unit on Fractions.  The most important thing about all of the parts in fractions is that the parts need to be EQUAL!  We worked on dividing things up into equal parts.  Then we went outside for recess.  It was a bit damp but it wasn't raining.  When we came in we had language arts with Miss Gallant.  We are writing letters to Mr. Zuckerman to persuade him to do something.   I hope your letter is helps Wilbur!  We got outside again for lunch.  After lunch we went to JMH to play floor hockey.   Did your team win?  When we got back Mr. Murphy was waiting for us.  Do you remember what he talked about and showed you?  After that we had science.  We looked at what healthy plants need to survive.   We also looked at some of our tomato plants that are starting to grow.  Is this a picture of the tomato plants we planted?  How do you know?  Get lots of rest and I will see you tomorrow.

Posted: May 14, 2014

A busy day today in grade 3!  We started off the day with solving a quick problem.  What would you do if you woke up because you heard glass breaking?  We finished our morning activities and went to Language Arts with Mr. Cormier.  We worked on our Charlottes Web novel study.  Miss Gallant was reading with students today.  How did you do reading?  Was it hard?  We went outside for recess.  When we came back in we had Math.  We talked about the three things that we need for points on our quiz tomorrow on multiplying and dividing.  We got to go outside just a bit early.  We had burgers for hot lunch.  We went outside again on this awesome day for an extended gym class with Miss McFarlene.  We did our go for 42 laps and played soccer on the playground.  We came back in and worked on our book of gratitude for computer class.  Why is it now for computer class?  We also did another Chair shuffle.  Some people took some risks that didnt pay off!  There is always tomorrow!  Good luck!

Posted: May 14, 2014

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Posted: May 12, 2014

First day of another full week!  We started off the day with a desk change.  Thats always fun!  We did our morning activities and did a show not tell about going down stairs quickly.  Then we went to language arts with Miss Gallant.  Did you work on Charlotte's web today?   Are you almost done the book?  Then we went outside for recess.  After recess we dd another chair switch.  Each student got a chance to switch their seat, but some stayed where they were!  What did you do?  In math we reviewed some things about multiplication and division.  Can you remember the 3 things we said about division?  Division is Sharing.  Division is repeated ______, and The biggest number always______.  We had an indoor lunch.  After lunch we went to JMH to play floor hockey.   When we got back we went to social studies.  We looked through the NB tourist guide and found out about some cool destinations!  Where would you like to go?  We did our closing day activities.  I also drew one name for a final switch!  Lillian won and gave it to Georgia.  I think I will do that draw again tomorrow, make sure you get your morning jobs done to get a ticket for the draw! Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning! 


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