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Posted: November 14, 2016

Double digit temperatures! I will be out for the day.  Miss Clarke is in for me.  Mrs. MacDonald will be here this morning and it will be business as usual.  Report cards go home tomorrow and many parents have requested Tuesday Parent teacher meetings.  The schedule is to the left and I put a small note in some agenda's tomorrow so you dont get surprised.  Have a great day and make me proud!


Posted: November 10, 2016

We started off the day with our regular routine. One of our rhyme riddles was "When my brother is sad his face has a big pout". Our spelling word was "elephant", that has the same "fa" sound as "centotaph" did yesterday. We did a "Next," on "How to Act at an Assembly", and we doodled an elephant.

After recess we had a beautiful Remembrance Day ceremony. The Grade 2 students did a great job. They behaved well, they were respectful, they sang beautifully, and they did a great job laying our wreath. I was very proud of them!

After lunch we went to PE with Mrs. McFarlene. The gym was still full of chairs, so they went outside. How many laps did you have to run to warm up? Next we went to the computer lab and worked on Scratch. Some student were able to make their sprite run across the screen! The first steps to creating a video game! If you weren't able to get it today, or your got frustrated, dont worry, we'll all get there!

We finished up the day talking about playing rough. We did our book of gratitude, signed our agenda's, and went home for the long weekend. Get lots of rest this weekend, dress warmly, and I will see you on Monday bright and early.  


Posted: November 9, 2016

  The week is more than half over now!  Remember to dress appropriately for the Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow at 10:30.  A memo went home today to invite the public.  If you are in the choir remember to wear black pants or a black skirt and Mrs. Hache and Mrs. Bell will have your choir top for you.

We started out today with a rehearsal of our Remembrance Day ceremony for tomorrow.  We talked about how this is the most serious assembly of the year.  If you are being silly, when the entire school is being serious, its not silly its...?  I was very pleased with how our class managed themselves today.  Great job. 

After an outdoor recess we had Language Arts with Mrs. MacDonald.  Our spelling word was "cenotaph" and we did a "Next," for "How to Brush your Teeth".  We also read some stories about Flanders Fields and Remembrance Day. 

After lunch we finished our Posters for the Remembrance Day contest!  We had PE with Mrs. McFarlene (and some with Mrs. Hache). 

We finished off the day cleaning up our posters, doing our book of gratitude, getting our agenda's signed and packing a memo to invite everyone to our Remembrance Day Ceremony tomorrow at 10:30.

Have a great night, get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning.  

Posted: November 8, 2016

Today was a beautiful day for November, but I was still glad to see lots of winter hats and mitts!

One of our Rhyming Riddles today was "My drive will beep the horn when he arrives".  What word on our word wall did I use to help me spell beep?  Our spelling word was veteran (cvc vc vc).  Our "Next," was for "How to Keep Racoons Away", and we doodled a soldier.   We finished off our poppy story and talked about veterans and war.  We did two rounds of the daily 5.  One round was read to self, and the other was a write to self sheet.  

After recess we practiced our song with the other grade two class.  We also chose Gavin from our class to be the wreath bearer on Thursday with another grade two student from Mrs. Hill's class.  We did two quick counting circles with both classes skip counting by 2's starting at 18 and skip counting by 10's starting at 50!  We came back to our class and worked on using samples of 10 to help us estimate large amounts of base 10 blocks. 

We had cheese pizza for hot lunch today!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers we get to make that program work! It was a huge success again.

After lunch we had tally Tuesday in PE.  In computer we started our first day looking at the program Scratch!  I was shocked how brave and quickly the students were picking up and experimenting with the block code! 

We finished off the day with Guidance.  We talked about calming our bodies before calming our minds.  We packed up a memo for parent teacher interview times.  We signed our own agenda's and called it a day.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you bright and early for another great day of Grade 2!


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Posted: November 8, 2016


Posted: November 7, 2016

It is November and it is getting cold!  I see lots of hats, mitts, and heavy jackets on the playground.  Make sure you are dressing warm each day because you dont want to get sick.  We started out our day with our regular routine.  One of our rhyme riddles today was "My mom won't let me go to the movie tonight".   Our spelling word was "Remembrance".  They syllables on that one were tricky!  We did a next for "How to be a good friend".   We doodled a soldier.  With Mrs. MacDonald we looked at the story of the poppy and did a round of the daily 5. 

After recess we practiced our song for Remembrance day with Mrs. Hill.  We looked at some skip counting by 10's and 2's.  We did a math counting cirlcle counting by 2's starting at differnt points.   Can you count by 2's starting at 18?  Thats a hard one!  We also looked at using our hundreds chart to help us add numbers.  We finished up by quickly looking at how samples can help us to estimate.  What is a sample?

After lunch we did yoga with Mrs. McFarlene in the gym for PE.  Did you find your picture on her teacher page yet?  Then we came upstairs and worked on our posters for Remembrance day.  Is your poster almost finished?  Remember to get your permission slip signed so that you can get your poster entered in the contest. 

We finished off the day packing up our bookbags and writing in our book of gratitude.  There was a choir memo, a skating memo, and the Remembrance Day memo all to be signed and returned.   Dress warm, get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning!


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Posted: November 1, 2016

  Was it Halloween yesterday?  I would have never guessed!  There were some excited students today with a lot of energy.  We started off this morning with a brand new score sheet for our morning routine.  We did a sharing circle about our halloween costumes.  One of our rhyme riddles was "Would you please SHUT the door".  What word wall word rhymes with shut and has the same type of ending, so it could help us spell "shut"?  (What, but, slam)  Our spelling word was "extension" and our "Next," was for "How to eat ice cream".  We doodled a ghost, scored our papers and got ready for a round of the daily 5.

After recess we went to Mrs. Hill's class to practice our remembrance day song.  Then we went to the computer lab and worked on a greater than, less than, equal to quiz.  Can you draw a less than sign?  What letter does it look like? 

After lunch we had Tally Tuesday in the gym with Mrs. MacFarlene.  We worked on using tabs in Internet Explorer in computer.  We finished off the day signing our agenda's, working on our book of gratitude, and getting packing our book bags. 

Mrs. Hache had to speak with a lot of people in the gym today after recess.  Some things that are ok for home are not ok for school - like wrestling.   It is too easy to get hurt.  The biggest rule of the school is "be safe".  I know its fun, but if you are too rough it is not fun for others playing with you.

Have a great night!  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning.

Posted: October 31, 2016

  Happy Halloween!  We started off the day with Mrs. MacDonald while I helped the grade 4's film their first morning announcements.  Our rhyming word was hop, our spelling word was "attention", our "First," was for "How to go down a slide", and we doodled a ghost.  

Mrs. MacDonald also led us in a "make words" activity.  She gave everyone 5 letters ( g-h-o-s-t) and had us make different words with them.  How many words can you think of with just those 5 letters.  Which letter is in every single word?  Why?  We also did daily 5 write to self, and read to self.  Just before recess Isabelle shared a snack with us that she made on the weekend, and they were delicious!

After recess we practiced our Rememberance Day song in Mrs. Hill's room.  We did a listening quiz on friends of 10.  We looked at using our hundreds chart to add numbers.  Did an addition worksheet, and played a game on the smartboard with a knight and dragon battling with friends that make 10. 

After lunch we had PE with Mrs. Macfarlene and relaxed and stretched with some yoga.  We finished off the day making some cookies in Art class. We packed 2 memo's in our agenda, wrote in our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, and packed up for home!

Tomorrow for hot lunch we will be having a $2 picnic plate with fruits and veggies.  Have lots of fun trick or treating tonight and be safe!  Get lots of sleep (dont eat too much junk before bed), dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow for another exciting day in Grade 2!


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Posted: October 28, 2016

Today was a very busy and very strange day!  It was our Halloween Celebration Day!  The gym looked fantastic!  What a great job the home and school did at decorating it!

Posted: October 28, 2016



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