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Posted: September 26, 2016

Today was a busy day!  We started out our day by jumping on a bus and heading down to Saint Andrews to take a group picture!  Can you believe we will all be in one school next year? 

When we came back to the school we did our regular opening routine.  Our spelling word was "consonants", our introduction was for "How to Spell", and we doodled an elephant. 

After recess we did a pattern review and a quick pattern test.  Our next unit in math will be on numbers to 100.

After lunch we had yoga in the gym with Ms. McFarlene to help calm everyone down. 

Then we had art.  In Art today, instead of cake boss, we did cookie boss.  We iced and decorated our own cookies with sprinkles.  Check out the pictures below!   We finished off the day, I signed the agenda and we packed some memo's before going home.

Thursday this week is school picture day!  Remember to bring your smile for Thursday!  Get lots of sleep tonight and I will see you tomorrow.

Posted: September 26, 2016

Posted: September 23, 2016

It was a busy day today in Grade 2!  We started off with our regular routine.  Our spelling word was "impossible", we did and introduction for "How to Sing", and we doodled a bulldog.

In Language Arts we did our regular daily 5 activities.  We did a round of read to self and several rounds of write to self.  We worked on our identifying the topics of our sentence and adding details about the topic!  If you add a detail not related to the topic it sounds very random.

After recess we had our Make Something That Does Something.  Today we worked on the story of the 3 little pigs.  We made a paper cup pig and a house of paper to protect it.  I was the big bad wolf, but instead of using my lungs I used my electric leaf blower to try and blow the pigs out of the house.  At the beginning of every MSTDS I promise two things; your project will hit problems and life will go on! 

After lunch we had PE with Ms McFarlene!  The we came up to the classroom and talked about Thanksgiving.  I explained why the settlers used fish as fertilizer to help their seeds and and crops grow.  I said today we are a bit smarter with our fertilizer and then I was corrected - we grow our food in animal poop!  How is that smarter?

We finished off the day doing a dance for music.  We didnt get to the part where we add music, but I think we have the steps down!  Stay tuned for a video next week to show off our mad polka dance skills!

I hope I see everyone at the pumpkin fling between 1:30 and 2:00 tomorrow to cheer for Ian Baillie!  Have a great weekend!

Posted: September 22, 2016

We started off the day with our regular routine.  We checked agenda's, set up our page, did our word wall and spelling word (pumpkin), and did an introduction for "How to Run".  We doodled a puppy and went straight into math.

In math we reviewed our Pattern terms, worked on numberlines, worked with flashcards with a friend, went over our counting on strategy, and did a math sheet by ourselves.  We also reviewed what some of our responsible choices look like.

After recess we had an assembly to talk about the pumpkin fling this weekend!  We are hoping the whole school will come out to support our trebuchet team and help us win the school spirit award.  Besides that there are a ton of cool activities for kids!  A quick memo went home today.  We then changed out our books in our book boxes and had a quick read to self before lunch.

After lunch we had PE with Ms. Clark in the gym before going to the computer lab.  In Computer we worked on opening paint, using the different tabs, creating a picture, and saving it to our H drives.  Next we talked about how hot air rises.  We tried to fill a 20ft bag with air and leave it in the sun.  If the air in the bag would heat up, it should float the bag.  Would the color of the bag matter?  What else might make the bag not float?  We packed memo's into our agenda's, got them signed, and called it a day. 

Im off to Bay De Vin to watch the Ian Baillie Soccer team take on the Miramichi Rural Sharks!  Wish us luck, get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes or more, and I will see you in the morning.

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Posted: September 21, 2016

I was so pleased today!  I was on morning duty and had to stay longer to help cover for Mrs. Hache when one of the teachers came to and commented how impressed she was that everyone in the class was seated, working, and behaving despite no teacher being in the room!  Great job class!
We did our regular opening activities. Our spelling world was "invincible" and we did an introduction for "How to wear a dress".  We doodled a kitten.

In language arts we went over our daily five expectations and worked on read to self, buddy read, and write to self.  I did some writers conferencing.  Tomorrow we will have library (so you can bring your books back to change), and we will exchange the books in our book boxes.

After recess we had math.  We worked on our counting on strategy, pattern terms, number lines, and played around the world.  Our judge today did a great job! 

Following lunch we had You and Your world.  We tried a few science demonstrations, but I made a little mistake measuring the first time so we had to retry one of the experiments after PE with Ms. Clark.  Do you remember what the chemical that made the water solid is used for?  Hint:baby's wear them.

We finished off the day with a chapter from our Cam Jansen book and with some French, numbers, greetings, and family members vocabulary.

Im off to cheer for Ian Baillie at the cross country race! Get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 20, 2016

It was a busy day today in Grade 2!  I keep pushing the class and they keep rising to all the challenges and are doing lot of work independantly.  What does independantly mean? 

We started off our day with our regular routine.  We set up our sheet, did our word wall, spelling (incredible), wrote and introduction for "How to Eat Bugs", and we doodled a turtle.  We also did our flouride and reviewed our morning routine and responsibilities.

In Math we reviewed our pattern terms (element, core, increasing, and attribute).  We went over our counting on strategy for adding numbers 1-20, we played around the world with flash cards, and worked on some number lines. 

After an outdoor recess we had a writers workshop.  We worked on our "How to.." story format and worked on adding one detail sentence each time.  We should finish up our stories on Thursday and be ready to publish by next week!

In the afternoon we had PE with Ms. McFarlene.  It was Tally Tuesday today!  Then we went to the computer lab.  We reviewed logging in, windows start button, Internet explorer, using the address bar, and opening seperate tabs.

We finished off the day with our read aloud of the Cam Jansen book.  Who chased Cam and Eric around the house?  We finished off the day getting our agenda's signed.  Try to read something fun for 10 minutes tonight and maybe make it apart of your after school or bed time routine. 

Good luck to the grades 3, 4, and 5's who are playing soccer in Napan tonight!  Get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: September 19, 2016

It was a gloomy day outside and a fun day inside at Ian Baillie.  We cancelled our scheduled picture with St. Andrews because it was slightly rainy and we didn't want to take a chance on a downpour.  We'll check the weather for later in the week!

We started off the day with our regular routine.  We set up our page, got our agenda's checked for notes (Im still looking for some hot lunch orders to arrive before Wednesday), we did our spelling word (convertible), and the introduction for "How to Party".  We doodled a mouse and handed in our sheets. 

In language arts we reviewed "Flip the sound" to help figure out some new words.  What 2 sounds does each vowel make?  Can you remember?  We reviewed our I chart and did a buddy read and a read to self.  I also read with a small group. 

After an indoor recess we had Math.  We also had a friend join us for some math today!  Do you remember who was back?  We reviewed our pattern terms (core, element, attribute, and increasing) we did some emoticon patterns, we looked at number lines, did some addition sheets with numbers 1 to 20, and I had some guest teachers teach us how to use the counting on strategy.  We also looked at using flashcards with a friend for the first time.

Following an indoor recess and lunch we had a relaxing yoga session in PE with Ms. McFarlene.  I know everyone was sad for it to end because I heard a huge roar! 

We went back to the classroom, read more of our Dective novel with Cam and Eric.  What did Cam stick her arms into today?  Would you have opened that garbage can?  We did a quick art project on How to Draw A Scarecrow.  Check out the attachment of our final works of art below.  Can you find yours? 

We finished off the day by getting our agendas signed, packing a memo, and putting up our chairs.  Get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes, and I will see you in the morning!

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Posted: September 16, 2016

This week flew by!  Tomorrow is Fall Fair at JMH!  Make sure you make it out!

First, we did our regular opening routine.  Our spelling word was "cancelation".  How many syllables does that have?  Why do we need to know that?  Why are vowels important to the syllables?  We did an introduction for "How to Fly".  We doodled a sad dog who wanted a treat. 

Next, we had language arts.  We did a writers workshop.  We did a story for "How to do Read to Self".  Why did we say "Feet Never Touch Anyones Face" when we write our "How to.. " stories?  (Do you notice anything about the first word in each of my paragraphs of this blog entry?)

Then we had recess followed by Make Something that Does Something.  We learned how to make a paper cube.  Each team had to Fold, cut, tape, and color a peice of paper and transform it into a cube.  Points were awarded for each cube made.  The cubes were placed into a pattern.  Each time the core of a pattern appearred more points were awarded.  I saw lots of team work and collaboration today!  Great job everyone.

After lunch we had PE with Ms. McFarlene (and thats where we were for lockdown) before we read our chapter book.  Why do they call Jenifer Jansen "Cam"?  What is Cam short for?  We also had a workout taking out weights for our trebuchet.  The Ian Baillie Team will be working hard to win the pumpkin fling next week.

Finally we wrote in our agenda's, I signed them, we awarded the winners of Make Something that Does something with a prize, we packed our bookbags and came back for one more draw! 

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone makes it to the Fall Fair at JMH tomorrow!

Posted: September 15, 2016

Another busy day today!  We started off the day setting up our page, putting papers in our duotangs, checking our agenda's, and having a quick snack for some because the breakfast program hasn't started yet.  In our opening activities we worked on our word wall, spelling word (computation), an introduction for "How to Drive", and we doodled a tiger

We went outside for a bus saftety evacuation and went over some more bus safety rules with Pat Jepson!  He did a great job and got us all off the bus safely.  Then we came back in for math.  We practiced setting up our page and doing a quick listening quiz.  We reviewed our math terms (core, element, attribute, increasing) and went over the pattern to describe patterns!  "Start with _____ and ____ each time".   Can you figure out the pattern rule for " 6, 8, 10, 12, 14..."?  What kind of pattern is it?  We also did a worksheet on patterns with colors.

After recess we had language arts.  We had a writers workshop and worked on using a check list to make sure our writing is organized.  We did a quick write on any topic and used our checklist.  Then we went to the library.  We went over the rules and checked out our first books.  Our books are due back next Thursday!

After lunch, we had PE with Ms. Clark.  Then we went to the computer lab.  We worked on logging in, keys on the keyboard, the windows start button, and using internet explorer.  We also had more happy faces than sad faces so we earned 6 minutes extra free time.

We finished off the day packing our agenda with a memo, I signed the agenda, and we did a read aloud with our new Cam Jansen book.  Tomorrow we have a practice lockdown.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning. 

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Posted: September 14, 2016

The rain held off until the afternoon and we got to go outside for both recesses today!  Everyone came into class and set up their page for the opening activities.  We worked on our Word Wall, spelling (superstition), an introduction for "How to Sleep", and we doodled a dog using the number 5. 

In Language Arts we worked on some decoding strategies.  We talked about the long and short sounds that the vowels make and how sometimes if we are stuck on a work we can try flipping those sounds.  We also talked about skipping over a difficult word and coming back to it.  We worked on our daily 5 Read to self and buddy reading activities.  Everyone worked very independantly and I know we are making gradual increases to our stamina. 

Next we had math.  In math we did a listening quiz, we did math with a friend (poison pill), reviewed our pattern vocabulary (element, core, increasing, attributes), and we worked on our counting on strategy for adding double and single digit numbers.   We also took some time to go over our lockdown procedure as we will be having a practice on Friday. 

After lunch we finished our Flat Stanley book.  What was Arthurs great idea that helped Stanley?  We also had You and Your World.  We discussed family, how families can be different and what make someone a family member.

Then we went to PE with Ms. McFarlene.  I came back just in time to see you playing "Dead Ant" and sweating alot!  

Finally we finished off the day with some work on our Greeting each other in French!  We signed and packed our agenda's and got the time we earned for free time from following our classroom brain based rules. 

There is a meet the teacher presentation in the gym tonight at 6:00 and all are welcomed to attend!  Hope I see some parents and guardians there!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!

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