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Grade 2M

Posted: March 28, 2017

Today was STEM fair day and boy was it an exciting one. Nearly every student in Mr. McCallum's class had a project and even those who did not were active participants in the viewing of presentations. The projects ranged from colored flowers, lava lamps and even fresh/salt water experiements. One of our very own will be going on to the district STEM fair that will be held this Saturday and that is Mikail Theriault for his rubik's cube solving robot.

After the excitement of STEM fair was over, we returned to our regularly planned day. We had recess and hot lunch. After that, we had PE where we played floor hockey.

After PE, we went to the computer lab. We started with some free time then moved on to playing Pacman online. We did this because next Friday, during our "Make Something that Does Something'', we will be working with Pacman and creating something that requires some knowledge of the game.

We ended our day in the usual way with an entry in our books of gratitude where we wrote 3 sentences about what we enjoyed most about our day. We sent report cards home today and all the students were excited to take them home and share them with their parents. It was a great day in grade 2!

Posted: March 24, 2017

Happy Friday all! Today was another busy one for our class. We started our morning with a "Make Somethng that Does Something" class where students worked in groups to create something with 'little bit'. We had presentations at the end of the class and the products we created ranged from doorbells to flashlights! It was great and the students enjoyed themselves and worked well together.

After recess we had literacy where we wrote an independant piece titled: "If I could paint my room anyway I wanted I would..." and did we ever get some creative pieces. It was impressive to see the level of creativity the students have, not to mention their impressive artistic skills, as they drew their bedrooms according to their writing piece.

After lunch, which was free Pita Pit, we had gym. Fridays are free Fridays in the gym so students did a number of activities. After that, we practiced our origami skills by making a paper frog that jumps in the air!

It was a great week for us all!

Posted: March 23, 2017

Today in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class, we were a busy bunch! This morning, we had our literacy block. We started the morning the usual way, with our morning routine and a read a loud from our novel Cabin Creek. Then, we wrote a how-to piece on having the perfect, relaxing snow day! We shared our pieces with the class. They were all great!

Next, we had math. We were very busy in math. We practiced our subtracting skills as well as how to regroup. We watched a video that showed us how to do this then used hands-on maniupulatives as an aid. We regrouped using Base Ten Blocks. We also enjoyed a delicious fruit tray during our math class before recess, which was indoor as it was chilly!

After recess, we had PE. We played floor hockey and it was a blast. We ended our day by reading more from Cabin Creek, and a Book of Gratitude entry. We also earned a reward for our behaviour and the die landed on 6, which is computer free time!

Posted: March 21, 2017

Another great day full of activities in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! We started the day with a read-a-loud from our Cabin Creek Mysteries book. For langauage arts, we wrote letters to Mother Nature, urging her to give us the lovely Spring weather! After we wrote them, we drew colorful Spring drawings and shared with the class.

For math, we worked on our subtraction skills in class as well as on We reviewed the algorithm for subraction, and by tomorrow i'm sure they will all be pros! After students completed their mathletics work, they got free time on the computers.

Noon hour was extra special today because it was warm outside and there was 'hot lunch'. After lunch, we had PE. During PE, Mr. Lynch played floor hockey with the students.

We ended our day with a computer lab session, where students typed their letters to Mother Nature that they wrote earlier that day. We also watched french videos and sang some french songs for our 'You and Your World' class.

Posted: March 20, 2017

Today we had a rather busy day in grade 2. We began our morning by reading from our class novel: "Cabin Creek Mysteries: The Clue at The Bottom of The Lake". After that, we worked on our Monitor and Fix skills for literacy. The students wrote an independant piece about their weekend and afterwards, they shared their work with the class.

After Language Arts, we had math. We began our class with a listening quiz and then we worked on representing numbers using coins. We practiced coutning coins and did Buddy Math where one student drew a number card from a stack and another student represented that number with coins.

During the afternoon, we had PE. Students went down to the gym and played a variety of games, one in particular was Hop Scotch. After gym, we had art class. For art, we finished our paper maché masks. This was messy but the kids had a blast. They worked well together. It was a great day!

Posted: March 17, 2017

Today was an exciting day in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! It was St. Patrick's day and upon arrival, students and teachers were shocked to see that the classroom had been destroyed by a tricky little leprechaun. Our day was themed around the leprechaun who ruined our class. Together, we brainstormed what we would do if we caught the little trickster then students wrote an independent piece using the writing prompt: "If I caught a leprechaun". We did rainbow math which consisted of plotting the colors of skittles in a Dixie cup onto a bar graph.

During the afternoon, we made plans to actually catch the leprechaun for our "Make Something That Does Something'' class. The students broke into small groups and with a variety of supplies at their disposal, students created leprechaun traps. We ended the day with a gallery walk of the traps and group members presented their traps to the rest of the class.

Posted: March 13, 2017

The March Break was really hard on lots of people!  The students showed up looking like they were 100 years old!  We started off the day with a sharing circle to tell a little about everyone break.  Then we met Miss Patles.  She will be doing her student teaching in the class for the next 8 weeks. 

Our word endings were for the words "yell" and "sing".  Our spelling word was "secretary", and the problem we had to solve was "if grandma was snoring on the couch when your watching your favorite TV show".  We did a write to self for What we did on our March break.

After recess we had math.  We did a listening quiz on numbers and place value.  We talked about why one number is bigger than another number using the words "place value".  We reviewed some math sentences that we already know (or I hope you know) like "friends that make 10" and "doubles".  We also looked at making 4 math sentences with 3 numbers (and a funny looking tree). 

After lunch we had PE.  Miss McFarlene wasn't there but I heard lots of noise in the gym!  It didn't sound like Yoga to me?  What fun games did you play?  We finished off the day with an ART explosion.  At least it looked like an explosion for a bit!  We painted the first layer on our paper mache masks.  

We finished off the day with our Movie reward, book of gratitude, and got our agenda's signed.  What a fun first day back!  Get lots of sleep tonight, dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: March 13, 2017

Posted: February 28, 2017

On Monday March 13th 2017 it will be the 100th day of school here at Ian Baillie!  To celebrate the 100th Day of school this year students in Grade 2 are asked to dress up the way they think they will look when they are 100 years old!  Will you have a cane, will you still have your hair, and will you still wear a Star Wars t-shirt?  (I bet Mr. McCallum will still wear superhero t-shirts).  Dress up, have fun, and we'll see you in 90+ years! Check out some pics from last years Grade 2 Senior Citizens!

Posted: February 27, 2017

What a great day to start the week!  We started off the day with a new book, Cabin Creek Mysteries - The clue at the bottom of the lake!  What do the kids think might be in the lake?  Why?  After a chapter we continued practicing our song with the other classes for music festival.  We are starting to sound good!  Do you know all the words yet?  When the other classes left we worked on our pen pal letters.  Most people are on their good copies and we are flying right along!  I hope we can mail them out before March Break!

After recess we had math.  We worked on the difference between Grams and Kilograms.  Which of those units would you use to measure the mass of an apple?  We also worked on our mathletics units.  I think everyone will have the Meaurement Unit complete this week!  Great job everyone!

After a beautiful outdoor recess we had Yoga in the gym with Mrs. McFarlene.  Are the stretches hard?  We finished off the day with some pipecleaner crafts.  Some students "quit" after the second bend!  How was your stamina for bending the pipe cleaners?  Did your frustration get the better of you?  We finished off getting our agendas signed and writing in our book of gratitude. 

Remember there is a bake sale tomorrow, you are welcome to donate items, and/or bring money to purchase items at recess and noon.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!


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