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Posted: April 26, 2017

Today was a very fun day for our students! We started the day with a read to self and then we travelled to JMH to watch the play "Beauty and The Beast" which was performed by the high school students. It was so great and we were all singing along- especially Ms. Patles. When we came back, it was lunch time so we had a late lunch and some play time before returning to class.

We went to gym and played some games, including 4 corners and Colbie won! After gym we had a quick french lesson where we sang along to some of our favorite french songs. We ended our day with an agenda signing, a B.O.G entry and some earned free time.

We've been having such a great week, we hope to keep it up all the way to the end!

Posted: April 25, 2017

Happy tuesday all! We began today in the usual way- with our daily sheet. We wrote independent stories and shared them with the class and we did a reading comprehension where we learned a lot about insects! We learned the parts of their bodies like the thorax and abdomen.

After our literacy block, we had math. We started with a listening quiz and then did some more equations using our subtraction algorithm. We got to play a few rounds of 7 up with Ms. Patles and Mr. Lynch before going outside for recess.

After lunch, we had gym. Gym is always fun. Today we played basketball. Students were a sweaty mess afterwards but they were grinning from ear to ear. After gym we had computer class. We earned free time and Ms. Patles gave us the entire period to play whatever we wanted. We ended our day with a guidance session.

Parents/guardians are reminded that we will be attending a play at JMH tomorrow. Students are asked to bring 2$ and be here for 8:30 as the bus is leaving at 8:45 sharp.

Posted: April 24, 2017

Today was a great day in grade 2! We began our day with our daily sheet where we wrote an independant story. We shared our stories with the class and they were all so great! We did a reading comprehension on nocturnal animals so we learned a few new vocabulary terms! Our ladies who gave solo speeches today at Gretna Green practiced their speeches for the class, because we weren't going to get to see them. We told them all something we enjoyed about their speech and gave them some feedback on what they could do to make it better. Then, the girls did their speeches again with the feedback and they were so great!

After our literacy block, we had math. We began with a listening quiz then solved some equations using our subtraction algorithm. We ended our class with a 'math by myself' sheet.

After lunch, we had PE. Students seemed to have enjoyed their time and they came up to have art class. For art, we made some pointilism pictures with paint. This quickly turned into a mess but fun was had by all. We ended our day with a B.O.G entry and some free time.

Posted: April 21, 2017

Today was a fun friday in grade 2! We started our day with a literacy block. We wrote our own stories and then we shared them with the class. We also did a reading comprehension about Griz the Grizzly bear! It was an interesting story and everyone did so good on it! We had an early recess because we travelled to JMH for the music festival. We sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Next we had lunch. After lunch we went to gym to play soccer. Lastly, we planted tomato seeds that have been in space! They will be so tasty along with our brocoli! We ended the day with a dance off and a movie. It was such a fun day in Mr. M's class. Ms. Patles was so pleased with the way everyone behaved today. We didn't get a single sad face!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted: April 20, 2017

Today in Mr. M's class, we did quite abit! First we had our literacy block. We did our daily sheet and we got to write our own story. We did a reading comprehension and corrected them together. Everyone did so well! We are in good shape for the upcoming assessments. We ended our block with a buddy read which was great because everyone was on task and doing what they were supposed to do.

Next we had math. We began with a listening quiz and then reviewed our subraction algorithm. We did a few questions using our algorithm and itis coming much easier than our regrouping with Base 10 Blocks! We are almos pros. After that, we did mathletics in the computer lab. Some of us did compensation for subtractions, others did mental subtraction.

After lunch we had gym. We played soccer and Ms. Patles heard it was great. We went to the computer lab and finished typing our pen pal letters. Early finishers got to type a B.O.G entry before playing some Friv! We ended the day with a B.O.G entry and a chair change.

Posted: April 13, 2017

Today in Mr. M's class we were a busy bunch! First, we had our literacy block where we finished the Cabi Creek novel we've been reading for some ime now. We found out it was Ms. Allen's boyfrind who did it! We did our daily sheet and then wrote pieces about what he hope to find on Easter morning. We ended our class with a share and an Easter themed wordsearch.

Next we had math. This was our final day on working with Base 10 Blocks to regroup and subtract. We are all rockstars now and Ms. Patles is so proud! We did a math by myself sheet and then did a few rounds of "Around the World" and "7 up".

After lunch we had a bit of a mixed up afternoon. Some of us went to the gym to practice our choir songs and some stayed in the class to do gym in class. We then all met up in the gym with Ms. Comeau to practice our music festival songs. Then we came back to the classroom and did a B.O.G entry. We got to play a few rounds of 'teacher says' before we ended our day.

It was a great day and a great week. Happy Easter all and enjoy your long weekend!

Posted: April 11, 2017

Today was another great day in Mr. M's class. We started our day with a read a loud from Cabin Creek. We have one more chapter left and we are done! After that we went to the gym to practice our song for Music Festival, which is fast approaching. Then, we came back to the classroom to do the fourth page in our pen pal book.

Next we had math. For math, we worked on Base 10 Block regrouping/subtraction. We got a demonstration on repartioning to subtract and then went to the computer lab to do some mathletics. This was kind of tricky but with a bit more practice we will be rockstars.

After lunch we had gym. This was very exciting to watch as the students were playing a game Ms. Patles had never seen before. After gym, we went to the lab to type our pen pal letters up. We will perfect them on Thursday. We ended our day with a book of gratitude entry and 2 games of 4 corners, as our behaviour was so good!

Posted: April 10, 2017

Happy monday! Today we began our day with a read a loud from Cabin Creek.. We are almost done the novel! Then, we did our daily sheet where we wrote a small story about a bunny! We also wrote page 3 of our books to our pen pals.Today we wrote asked and answered questions that our pen pals asked us in theirs.

Next we had math where we started with a listening quiz. We graded them together. We did some Base 10 Block regrouping questions and then a "Math By Myself" sheet.We are getting really good at regrouping with Base 10 Blocks. We had enough time to play a quick game of 7 Up!

After lunch we had gym. Ms. Patles peeked her head into the class and noticed that they were playing some really fun games. Our afternoon was quite exciting as well. We traced our silhouettes and filled them with pictures that represent us. Finally, we earned a reward and today it was a science demo. We made Magic Milk. It was messy but very cool!

Posted: April 7, 2017

It was a fabulous friday in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! We started the day with a "Make Something that Does Something" class. We seperated into groups and tried to see who could build the highest free-standing tower using pasta and clay. The trick was it had to stand on its own and have a paper clip and the end of it... Mr. M won :(

After that, we had literacy where we wrote the second page of our books for our pen pals at St. Andrew's. We talked about ourselves today and told them such things like our hobbies, families, and our dreams for the future. Some people worked with Ms. Patles, some with Mr. M and others worked alone. We then did a buddy read and we all listened to the rules!

For lunch, we had pizza! It was in indoor recess because it was so wet and muddy outside. We watched a few short episodes of a funny show while we dined.

After lunch, we had gym. On friday, we have free time in the gym so we all did something different. After gym, we came back for a lesson on nutrition and we watched an astronaut brush his teeth in space! We ended our day with a french lesson and some free time. It was a great day and a great way to kick off the weekend!


Posted: April 6, 2017

Happy Thursday all! Today was exciting. We began our morning with a writing session where we wrote back to our pen pals. We started with an introduction which talked about how happy we were to receive letters from students at another school. We are writing them a book with our responses, which will take us a few days to write everything. We shared our stories and it was nice.

Next we had math. We started with a listening quiz which we marked together. Then we worked on subtracting/regrouping using Base 10 Blocks. We went down to the computer lab and did mathletics 'simple subtraction' and we were rockstars at it!

After lunch, we went back down to the computer lab to type our letters to our pen pals, because we want to be good at typing. We got to have some free time at the end because we worked so well. Next we had gym class, it was so much fun!

We ended our day by finishing our clay creations from the previous week. We also earned a reward for our behaviour and we got to watch a short film. Today was great and we are hoping to end the week on a positive note!

*Parents please be reminded that tomorrow is our pizza party. If your child does not wish to have pizza, please pack them a lunch. There will be no cost to the pizza, as we won it!


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