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Posted: March 13, 2017

Posted: February 28, 2017

On Monday March 13th 2017 it will be the 100th day of school here at Ian Baillie!  To celebrate the 100th Day of school this year students in Grade 2 are asked to dress up the way they think they will look when they are 100 years old!  Will you have a cane, will you still have your hair, and will you still wear a Star Wars t-shirt?  (I bet Mr. McCallum will still wear superhero t-shirts).  Dress up, have fun, and we'll see you in 90+ years! Check out some pics from last years Grade 2 Senior Citizens!

Posted: February 27, 2017

What a great day to start the week!  We started off the day with a new book, Cabin Creek Mysteries - The clue at the bottom of the lake!  What do the kids think might be in the lake?  Why?  After a chapter we continued practicing our song with the other classes for music festival.  We are starting to sound good!  Do you know all the words yet?  When the other classes left we worked on our pen pal letters.  Most people are on their good copies and we are flying right along!  I hope we can mail them out before March Break!

After recess we had math.  We worked on the difference between Grams and Kilograms.  Which of those units would you use to measure the mass of an apple?  We also worked on our mathletics units.  I think everyone will have the Meaurement Unit complete this week!  Great job everyone!

After a beautiful outdoor recess we had Yoga in the gym with Mrs. McFarlene.  Are the stretches hard?  We finished off the day with some pipecleaner crafts.  Some students "quit" after the second bend!  How was your stamina for bending the pipe cleaners?  Did your frustration get the better of you?  We finished off getting our agendas signed and writing in our book of gratitude. 

Remember there is a bake sale tomorrow, you are welcome to donate items, and/or bring money to purchase items at recess and noon.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!

Posted: February 22, 2017

Its true. Tomorrow is show and tell day!

Posted: February 21, 2017

We had a bit of a crazy start to the day.  First Mr. English showed up to teach because I had a meeting, but then I ended up not going to my meeting so I got to stay and be with the class!  We started off the day with word endings for "keep".  What did you do when you got the "-ed" ending?  Our spelling word was "substitute".  How many syllables does it have?  Our character and doodle for today were for a football.  We also did a very special read to self and share!  We got letters today from our new Pen Pals at Saint Andrews!  What did your letter say?  Who was it from?  I'm so excited to write back and find our about our pen pals!

After recess we had a listening quiz on numbers and measurement.  Then we went to the computer lab to work on mathletics.  How many points do you have so far this week? 

After a beautiful outdoor lunch we had PE with Ms. MacFarlene.  I saw lots of hockey sticks and whiffle balls zooming through the gym!  I hope you followed the biggest rule of the gym!  Do you know what it is? (BE SAFE).

Next, we went to the computer lab to work in WordPad.  I hope you remembered to save your work to the H drive. 

Finally, we finished off the day with Mrs. Clancy in guidance.  She talked about "not now" problems.   What is a "not now problem"?  We packed our agenda's with two memo's, I signed the agenda's and we got ready for home!  Dress warm, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning! 



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Posted: February 20, 2017

We started off the day with our regular routine.  Our "Word Endings" were for "sit".  What did you put when you got to the "-ed" ending?  Our spelling word was "announcement".  We did a story for an owl.  Then we got on the bus and went down to Saint Andrews for the big announcement.  Next year our school will be "King Street Elementary". 

When we got back it was time to go outside and play.  After lunch we had Yoga with Mrs. McFarlene.  Then we tackled Oragami for round two!  Folding paper is much more challenging than you may think!  We made about half way through this time before it got too challenging.  We did our book of gratitude, packed our agenda's with a double sided memo, and got ready for home.  It was a super quick day today.

Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow!

Posted: February 14, 2017

We were all very excited to see our friends after a little break, and on top of that it was Valentines day today!  Everyone had a ton of energy!  We started off the day rehearsing our song one time through with the other classes.  Then we got straight to our morning sheet.  What endings (ing, s, ed) did you add to "yell" and "jump"?  Our spelling word was "romance" and our CPTTS was for an arrow.  What was his small problem?  Remember, small problem= small story, complicated problem=complicated story.  We reviewed the difference between there, their, and they're, we watched a history on Saint Valentines day, and did a quick kahoot quiz before a read to self session. 

After recess we went over some basic everyday measurement (taller, shorter, longer, wider, heavier, lighter).  Then we went to the lab to do one session on mathletics. We got back from the lab and handed out some valentines and decorated some cookies.  Then we packed everything up for lunch and went outside on the sliding hill.

After lunch we had PE with Miss Mcfarlene.  We did tally Tuesday.  How many laps did you run?  Next we went to computer.  We worked in wordpad.  Can you find all the keys we need on the keyboard?  Shift, enter, space bar, delete, backspace, and the arrow keys?  We finished off the day with our closing activities, book of gratitude and get our agendas signed.  No memos today.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning.

Posted: February 9, 2017

It was a very busy day today!  We started off the day with a new morning sheet!  Everyone always loves that!  The other Grade 2 class, and the Grade 3 class came in first thing and we practiced our song for the music festival.  Then we got straight to work.  We did "Word Endings", where we added "-ing, -s, and -ed" to the end of words.  We did two different words today "play" and "trap".  Can you add all 3 endings to each word?  Next we did our spelling word "valentine".  We did a story for a snowman, peer edited the story, and doodled a snowman.  Next we looked at our updated word wall.  We noticed that the word "there" and "their", which sound the same are spelled differently.  We even added "they're".  Three words that sound the same but are spelled differently.  We practiced making different sentences with each one.  Do you know how each one is used?  _____ is a dog.  That is _____ dog.   ______ happy they found the dog. 

After recess we had math.  We had a quick math listening quiz on place value.  Reviewed days of the week, and months of the year.  Those are measurements of time.  Are they standard or non-standard units of time?  Then we went to the computer lab to do a mathletics unit on months.  Some students are rocking the mathletics!  Great job! 

After an indoor lunch we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  I saw the blue mats out!  What did you do in PE? 

Next we went to the computer lab and worked on WordPad.  We went over the different tabs, the font size, and the fonts.  We also looked at the enter key and delete key. 

We finished off the day decorating some cookies that we were having trouble getting too.  Not all of the cookies survived decorating and they didn't make it out of the kitchen. 

We came back up and got our agenda's, I passed out a memo (attached), and we got ready for home.  Some students were asking for a list for valentines.  We have 14 students.  They are:

 1  Aiden
 2  Zoey
 3  Brea
 4  Wyatt
 5  Reese
 6  Lauchlan
 7  Ryan
 8  Denny
 9  Xander
10  Isabelle
11  Colbie
12  Lana
13  Mikail
14  Gavin

Have a great night, stay warm, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!


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Posted: January 24, 2017

Grade 2 is so much fun!  We did our regular opening routine.  Our Solving Words clues were CVCC and "desire".  Do you know the word wall word to solve this riddle (want)?  Our spelling word was "appreciate" and our CPTTS was for a robot.  We did a peer edit and peer scoring before we doodled a robot.  After that we did something new.  I broke us up into teams and each team was given a tablet.  We all learned how to login to Kahoot and did a team trivia quiz on punctuation ( . ! ? ).   We had alot of fun and we may have been a little too loud as lots of other teachers asked if our class was okay.

After recess we had math.  We went over our new math sheet for number of the day.  Todays number was 81.  We had to do somethings with that number.  Do you remember any?  We also went to the computer lab to do Mathletics.  Are you almost ready to move on to the place value unit?

After lunch we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  How many laps did you get for Tally Tuesday?  Then we went to the computer lab.  I gave students time to work on Mathletics to help finish their unit.  If they were all done they could go on any school appropriate site of their choosing.  We finished off the day with Mrs. Sturgeon in guidance.  Do you remember who her birthday twin was?   We packed up our agenda (with the two attached notes), and got ready for home.

Get lots of sleep, stay warm and dry, and I will see you in the morning for another awesome day!

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Posted: January 23, 2017

It was another awesome day in Grade 2!  We started off the day with our regular routine.  We set up our sheets, checked our agenda's, and got down to work.  Our Solving Words puzzle had two answers today.  The clues were CCVCV and "a place" (there, where). What do the C and V stand for? (Consonant and Vowel).  Our spelling word was "California" and our CPTTS was for a teddy bear.  We did some peer editing with red and blue pens and we doodled a Teddy Bear.  We did one round of read to self and talked about paragraphs and parenthesis (brackets).  Do you remember how the author we watched suggested we read brackets (like a whisper, as if it was a bonus or a secret).

In Math we talked about standard and non-standard measurements.  Do you know the difference?  We talked about base ten blocks and drawing them to represent numbers.  We also worked on drawing lines in cm with our rulers. 

After lunch we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  We did yoga.  Im not sure if it calmed your mind and body because for art we did our first attempt at paper mache!  It was very high intensity lol.  I will post some pictures of our finished products very soon!  We signed our agenda's, did our book of gratitude, and called it a day. 

It looks like it will be a wet and dirty day tomorrow so dress warm, stay dry, get lots of sleep, and I will see you for another amazing day tomorrow!


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